Leading with Big Data and Analytics: From Insight to Action

Gain the working knowledge needed to maximize your big data investment

Big data and business analytics are more than technology and data science problems to be relegated to the specialists. They’re leadership issues that executives must address and challenges they can solve if properly grounded in practical knowledge and equipped with leadership-focused insight. This cutting-edge program delivers just that: sophisticated material in an accessible, easy-to-understand format immediately applicable in real-world practice.

You’ll gain a working knowledge of data science that can massively improve marketing, create operational efficiencies, build new business models, disrupt the competitive status quo of industry and spark innovation. You’ll leave this program equipped with the tools required to put big data to practical use, the skills essential to hire and manage data scientists effectively, and the necessary insights for leveraging analytics to increase efficiency and productivity, and seize new business opportunities.

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Why Analytics is a Leadership Problem
with Academic Director Florian Zettelmeyer

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leaders who are responsible for the big data and analytics function in their organization
  • Functional leaders in areas such as marketing, finance and other operational areas who would benefit from a better understanding of how to use big data and analytics in decision-making
  • Federal Government managers seeking to gain new insight and business perspectives to leverage the power of analytics for improved organizational performance

Key Benefits

  • Distinguish between good and bad analytics
  • Jump-start organizational capabilities in analytics
  • Climb the analytics maturity curve from descriptive over predictive to reach prescriptive analytics
  • Assemble the team and resources needed to drive data analytics
  • Leverage data analytics for confident decision-making

Program Content

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Why Analytics is Every Leader’s Problem

  • Analytics Requires Managerial Judgment
  • Analytics Requires Process and Incentive Changes
  • Analytics Must be Problem-driven
  • Analytics Must be Planned

How a Working Knowledge of Data Science Drives Business Value: A Primer on Big Data and Analytics Concepts

  • From Descriptions to Predictions
    • How Predictions Work
    • Exercise: Predictions
  • From Predictions to Prescriptions and Actions
    • How To Tell Good Prescriptions from Bad Prescriptions
    • Predictions, Prescriptions, and the Problem of Causality
  • The Power of Experimentation
    • Why Experiments Are the Foundation of Analytics
    • Exercise: Experimentation
    • Experimentation in Practice
    • How to Prescribe Without True Experiments
    • Exercise: Prescribing Without True Experiments
    • Optimizing with Analytics
  • The Power of New Types of Data
    • Visualizing Analytics
    • Exercise: Visualization

How to Build Organizational Muscle in Analytics

  • Best Practice Case: United Airlines
  • How to Organize for Analytics
  • How to Manage Advanced Analytics Talent
  • Tackling Privacy and Ethics

Applying Analytics to Your Business

  • Presentations: Action Learning Projects
  • Wrap-up: How Organizations Succeed Using Big Data and Analytics


Eric T Anderson - Academic Director; Hartmarx Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Global Marketing Practice

Florian Zettelmeyer - Academic Director; Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg; Chair of Marketing Department

Eric Leininger - Clinical Professor of Executive Education

Steven Franconeri - Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Leadership (Courtesy) – Kellogg School of Management

Joel K. Shapiro - Clinical Associate Professor and Executive Director for the Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg

What Participants Say

“Best [program] I have taken...by far! The content was perfect and aligns with my job. The Kellogg professors were superb. Florian's energy and enthusiasm were infectious. [I] totally enjoyed the interaction with my classmates, which in itself was a great learning opportunity.”
Senior Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems

“This program totally opened my mind. Now I see things that I didn't before. I am ready to go back to my office and apply all this knowledge!”
Logistics Manager/Data Analyst, Evans Food

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Featured Faculty Videos

Your Learning Experience
with Academic Director Florian Zettelmeyer

Delivering Growth With Analytics
with Academic Director Eric Anderson

Designed for Leaders
with Clinical Professor Eric Leininger

Participant Videos

Participant Bob Allen discusses his experience with faculty and other participants in the program.

Rita Drucker shares how she learned to use data to make informed decisions.

Olaf Emmerich shares how the program taught him to ask the right questions about data and scale it throughout his organization.

2018 Sessions

April 16-20, 2018

Start: April 16 at 1:00 PM

End: April 20 at 12:00 PM

Evanston campus

This program is designed for leaders who are responsible for the application of big data and analytics within their organizations and its use in making institution-wide decisions. All applications will be reviewed for approval.


Fee includes lodging and most meals

September 17-21, 2018

Start: September 17 at 1:00 PM

End: September 21 at 12:00 PM

Evanston campus

This program is designed for leaders who are responsible for the application of big data and analytics within their organizations and its use in making institution-wide decisions. All applications will be reviewed for approval.


Fee includes lodging and most meals

Kellogg School of Management

James L. Allen Center
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