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Dean Sally Blount '92 welcomes the Class of 2017 on Aug. 31 as the Complete Immersion in Management (CIM) Week 2015 begins.

CIM 2015

The Class of 2017 arrives at Kellogg

With all-time highs in female enrollment and GMAT scores, the incoming class begins its tenure

By Natalie Edwards

8/31/2015 - The Kellogg School of Management’s Complete Immersion in Management (CIM) Week kicked off Aug. 31 as the school welcomed its Class of 2017, a remarkable group for many reasons.

During her opening remarks, Dean of Students and Assistant Dean of MBA Programs Elizabeth Zielger recognized the new students as part of the energetic and ambitious Kellogg community — or “Kelloggland” as she put it. The welcome kicked off a weeklong orientation that will acclimate the Class of 2017 to the rigors and culture of Kellogg.

The class has already impressed with 43 percent female enrollment and a 724 GMAT average, both all-time highs. Maggie Shu ’17, a former IT consultant from Los Angeles, said of her small group, “My cluster has more women than men and I’m thinking… is this really happening right now?”

Diverse and talented

The 2015 CIM brings together students from many backgrounds with many talents. The class included representation from more than 50 different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Further illustrating the class’ diversity, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Kate Smith ’98 continued the tradition of “One of You,” which showcases the experiences and accomplishments of several students.

Smith noted that one student had a day job in private equity and a dance troop on the side while one worked in production and casting for reality shows. Another student handled protocol and logistical support for more than 75 events for the Office of President Barack Obama while another started three entrepreneurial ventures in Nigeria and Ghana before coming to Kellogg.

Many others worked in fundraising, social enterprise and non-government organizations.

Smith challenged students to find these individuals and introduce themselves during social activities, meals and workshops throughout the week.

‘It is your journey to design’

During her welcome address, Dean Sally Blount ’92 posited the question, “Why do you need an MBA?” To her, the answer is obvious and inspiring.

“Business education is more important than ever because business is the dominant social institution of our day,” said Blount. “Business creates jobs, creates wealth, and moves wealth and jobs faster and more efficiently than any other social institution in human history.”

Over the course of CIM, the new students will focus on collaboration, negotiation and relationship-building as they learn how to develop great teams. Ziegler said that these skills would help students to “build your own Kellogg." 

“My hope for you as you embark on this journey is that you act with intent, that you block out the noise of the crowd and reflect on what is most important to you,” Ziegler said. “It is your journey to design, and we’re here to support you on whatever path you pursue.”

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