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About Kellogg's Faculty and Research

Kellogg School faculty combine academic expertise with real-world knowledge to create a dynamic research and learning environment.
Research is a vital component of Kellogg’s mission and culture. Our faculty have developed groundbreaking theories in their respective academic fields. Several scholarly journals are edited at Kellogg, two of which—the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy and Games and Economic Behavior—were founded here.
Our faculty bring this scholarly expertise to the classroom, augmenting it with personal knowledge of management practices and problems. This blend of theory and practice is a defining criteria of Kellogg School courses. Senior faculty members also teach courses to senior executives through the Kellogg School’s executive education programs, an approach that not only brings cutting-edge research to executives, but also keeps faculty members abreast of changes in corporate practices.


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Featured Faculty Members

Lakshman Krishnamurthi

A new study explores how the conventional e-commerce model can integrate more digital innovations.

Nicole Stephens

Findings in a new paper suggest that assessing achievement individually is not class-neutral.

David Dranove

New research studies the impact of privatizing the delivery of Medicaid drug benefits on drug spending.

Recent Scholarly Research

Are Earnings Foreasts Informed by Proxy Statement Compensation Disclosures?
Stephannie Larocque, Melissa Martin, Beverly Walther, Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020
The Strategy of Conflict and the Technology of War
Sandeep Baliga, Tomas Sjostrom, Journal of Political Economy, 2020
Capital Accumulation and Structural Transformation
Paula Bustos, Gabriel Garber, Jacopo Ponticelli, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2020
A Dose of Managed Care: Controlling Drug Spending in Medicaid
Amanda Starc, David Dranove, Christopher Ody, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2020
A Psychological Profile of the Alt-right
Patrick Forscher, Nour Kteily, Perspectives in Psychological Science, 2020
The First-Member Heuristic: Group Members Labeled "First" Influence Judgment and Treatment of Groups
Janina Steinmetz, Rima Toure-Tillery, Ayelet Fishbach, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2020
Coverage, Coarseness and Classification: Determinants of Social Efficiency in Priority Queues
Martin Lariviere, Itai Gurvich, Ozkan Can, Management Science, 2019

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