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Clinical Associate Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Carter Cast '92 discusses ways to identify potentially career-ending behavior during a talk at Kellogg Reunion 2015.

Kellogg Insight Live Reunion 2015

Preventing career derailment

Carter Cast '92 discuss the ways managers can prevent career-ending mistakes

7/13/2015 - Sometimes, people mess up. Signals get crossed. Miscommunications occur. Clear goals aren’t set.

But when it comes to managers, those mistakes can result in derailment, said Carter Cast ’92, a clinical associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Kellogg.

“What is derailment?” said Cast. “It occurs when a manager [who] is expected to go to higher plateaus is fired or demoted and doesn’t achieve the expected level of achievement.”

Cast, the former CEO and President of, further delved into career derailment and ways managers can prevent it as part of the Kellogg Insight Live Faculty Sessions held this past May at Reunion 2015.

Carter Cast '92 on defining derailment

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