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Leigh Thompson addresses the gender pay gap, the importance of interests, your BATNA and more

Negotiation skills and strategies

Videos: Negotiation strategies for women

Learn the essentials for achieving win-win outcomes in your negotiations

Untitled Document Leigh Thompson, J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations at Kellogg, instructs rising businesswomen on how to negotiate their way to closing the gender pay gap. In this seminar, she explores how women can empower themselves with the tools they need to confidently approach the negotiation table.

Negotiation Strategies for Women:
Video 1: How women lose money throughout their careers
  • Women are less likely than their male counterparts to ask for more money. Over the course of a long career, the loss of potential income can be staggering.

Video 2: Why interests are important
  • It’s not all about you in a negotiation. When you understand the other side’s perspective, it can help you more easily achieve a win-win solution.

Video 3: All about BATNA
  • What is your worst-case scenario? Your BATNA is your fall-back option, and it gives you the power to walk away.

Video 4: Your BATNA as a tool
  • Your BATNA is one of your most important tools because it helps you frame your opening offer and understand when to stop negotiating.

Video 5: What do you do with an "exploding offer?"
  • Being in the midst of the interview process at one company while sitting on a time-sensitive offer elsewhere can be tricky. The solution? Honesty.