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By Liza Kirkpatrick, Managing Director for Full-Time MBA Programs, Career Management Center

Recently, Kellogg launched the MBAi Program as its latest curricular innovation within our portfolio of full-time programs. There is no better time to invest in skill sets to lead technology-driven innovations than now.

Our Career Management Center team hears from employers daily who are looking for students with stronger tech and data skills. In fact, last year, more than 25% of the Kellogg MBA class went into tech. As companies continue to leverage technology for business growth, there is an increased need for “translators” who have a fundamental understanding of the technology and can also look at the organization in a holistic way and see where there are opportunities to apply technology for business growth and scale.

And that’s where the MBAi Program comes in: as a direct response to this market demand.

Building on Kellogg’s technology portfolio

Already, our students can take advantage of the school’s tech offerings: our popular Data Analytics and Technology Management pathways for example, not to mention courses at the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship, healthcare, marketing and other areas.

The MBAi Program builds upon this innovative portfolio. Custom-tailored for students with strong technology work or academic experience, MBAi offers a unique framework which explores the frontiers of science and technology through a leadership lens. It is an accelerated track and includes a 10-week summer internship in the fourth quarter, which is in line with our MBA program and provides access to a robust set of employers.

Career pathways after the MBAi Program

There are tremendous opportunities out there for graduates of the MBAi Program. Already, we’re seeing specific demand from the companies with whom we work for talent at the intersection of business and technology and we anticipate a broader transformation around roles like product management and consulting.  What is so unique about the MBAi Program is that it truly sets up our students for this evolving technology space: Not only does the program equip students for roles in consulting, operations, strategy, tech management and others, but for the roles which are taking shape right now and will be critical to the success of the future of businesses.

Employers are just now starting to define many of these management and leadership roles driving technology and innovation within their organizations. We are confident that students in the MBAi Program will uniquely position themselves to be competitive in the emerging employment markets.

Our CMC team can’t wait to work with the first MBAi cohort to partner with you to launch your innovative career journey in tech.