Corporate Business Strategy Executive Programs

Kellogg’s award-winning faculty has created an expansive suite of corporate business strategy programs for senior leaders charged with creating competitive advantage and delivering results. Faculty members translate their cutting-edge theories into practical applications, so senior leaders acquire the new knowledge, skills and tools they need to meet wide-ranging, strategy-related challenges.

Whatever the desired outcome—building a culture of innovation, leading sustainable growth, forging strategic alliances, leveraging the power of big data to improve decision making or creating an operations strategy to maximize value—Kellogg has an executive education solution focused on deep insights and practical solutions.

Our live virtual programs for fall 2020 are built to deliver a world-class experience that’s as thought-provoking and rewarding as our in-person offerings. Acquire and understand the tools to succeed in a changing business landscape.

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Competitive Strategy

Based on time-tested economic principles for profitability and growth, this program offers strategy-focused leaders a blend of modern theory, strategic analysis and practical application for sustaining an organization’s long-term competitive advantage.

Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

Successful innovation management requires highly trained leaders who can ignite the creative spirit and create a culture of innovation. In this program, you will develop the skills and tools you need to instill an innovation mindset within your organization and inspire your people to higher levels of creativity.

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

If you’re attracted by the promises of strategic alliances — faster growth, greater leverage, lower risk — you also need to know the pitfalls. Learn how to build value-adding relationships and when to make, buy or ally.

Delivering Business Growth

Emphasizing action, this program teaches a market-tested framework that has delivered sustained double-digit growth in revenues and margins for major global brands. You’ll leave with a business growth strategy and actionable agenda for driving growth within your organization.

Generative AI: Executive Strategies to Unlock Enterprise Value

The speed of adoption and the impact of generative AI presents massive opportunities as well as challenges, with early adopters – and early winners – coming from a variety of industries. Through a powerful mix of lectures, original frameworks, case studies and hands-on learning, leaders in different roles, industries and functions will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundation of generative AI and its practical applications – with a focus on use cases across the enterprise value chain.

Leading with Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Previously Named: Leading with Big Data and Analytics

Sophisticated subject matter in an easy-to-understand, accessible format equips executives with the working knowledge needed to seize opportunities that analytics, artificial intelligence and a data strategy presents and put data analytics to practical use.

Operations Strategy

Learn practical frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately to craft an operations strategy that maximizes stakeholder value and establishes a sustainable competitive advantage. Topical and highly interactive, it prepares you to strengthen your organization's performance and marketplace position.

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