Alumni Club and Affinity Network Leader Resources

Toolkit for Club Leaders

Kellogg alumni clubs and affinity networks play a critical role in building a community of alumni dedicated to helping one another succeed. As a club leader, you are a vital member of our team and we’re committed to supporting your journey at every step of the way.

We’ve developed this suite of resources to assist you in this role. These resources are designed to help you build a successful, sustainable alumni club or affinity network.


Events Form (to be completed ahead of all upcoming club events)

Step-by-Step Process: Events Form and Support Requests

Short Video Tutorial on Requesting Cvent and Other Event Support


In-Person Event Guidance

  • Invitations should mention that the event will follow the most current and applicable COVID-19 local guidelines, laws, and regulations as well as all other safety precautions your club or group will implement.
  • Event communications and registration forms should state if attendees are required to be vaccinated or wear a face mask based on local and/or venue guidelines. For example: “[Club Name here] will follow local and state guidelines for in-person events. All alumni and guests will be required to attest that they have been fully vaccinated or received a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the event start, as well as comply with all other [venue name] safety protocols that are in place, such as [indoor masking]. Participants unwilling or unable to abide by these requirements should not attend this event.”
  • Additional resources:

If you have any questions on these updates, please do not hesitate to contact us at



As alumni around the world begin returning to in-person gatherings, it’s important to consider the benefits and challenges of both in-person and virtual events. Here are some questions and resources to get you started:


Kellogg virtual programming continues in 2021-22

Kellogg will continue to host its virtual This is Kellogg and Conversations with Distinguished Alumni series in the 2021-22 school year for the alumni community. We will share scheduled events in advance with club leaders. Consider inviting your club to watch one of these sessions live or recorded on YouTube and then come together to debrief and discuss as a group.

Focus on alumni networking

Our feedback from alumni is that as in-person events return, they are seeking opportunities to network with other alumni as a priority. We encourage club leaders to use this opportunity to bring alumni back together for socializing, networking, and affinity-building. In the coming year, we anticipate that the Kellogg alumni community will be excited to re-engage with one another and may be less interested in a more formal lecture-style in-person event.

We know virtual events will still be useful and we are committed to supporting clubs that would like to host virtual events in future with Zoom and VCM support.



Club leaders have access to the University's Encompass email management system (previously known as iModules) to send out emails to local alumni in their area and those who are subscribed to their distribution list. Using this system ensures consistent and professional branding and helps maintain data integrity. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to and we’d be happy to help you use the email system effectively.


  • After training is requested, someone in Northwestern Alumni Relations will be in touch with you and will grant access once the required training and forms are completed

Short Video Tutorial on Gaining Access to Encompass

Once you have access to Encompass, please click here to sign in to your club's email management module via Our Northwestern.



Many clubs also find it valuable to have a social media presence - most notably through LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides an easy method to search for Kellogg alumni by location or industry, and LinkedIn Groups make it convenient to promote your upcoming events and invite Kellogg alumni to connect with your club.

If you're interested in creating a LinkedIn Group or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Branding Guidelines

Please note special instructions for downloading logos:

When you click on the relevant “Logos” link, you will be directed to a SharePoint folder to download logos “For Print” or “For Digital.” (In most cases, you will need digital logos.) Under the “For Digital” folder, you will have the option to download a white logo, a black and purple logo, or a logo specifically sized for the “Event Banners” file (another resource listed under the brand assets). The logos can be used in a variety of the other resources. Simply click on the one that you want, find your club or affinity network and click on the link to download.


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