Kellogg Brand Tools

Our goal is to have a clear, consistent look and feel for everything we do for Kellogg. Within, you will find the resources and tools you need to use to correctly represent the Kellogg brand and visual identity.

Brand Guidelines

Essential words and guidelines that encompass the unique Kellogg experience. Find everything you need to help bring the Kellogg story to life here.


For specific requests such as photos, new projects or videos, please follow these submission procedures and we will be happy to help you.


Kellogg is a global brand across global platforms. From social media to social intelligence, we can help you talk in a compelling way to a broad range of people across a variety of subjects.

Social Media

Kellogg maintains primary brand social media channels to extend our brand reach. Find out how to communicate via one of these channels to promote an upcoming event, new research or to start a discussion on behalf of Kellogg.


Pre-designed and ready-to-use templates available for download to facilitate your daily communications and bring the Kellogg brand to life.


  • Kellogg Brand Tools