Here are templates, logo lockups and more to use in your daily communications and bring the Kellogg brand to life.

Social media profile headers

Add #KelloggLeader to your social media profile. Headers available for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Logo files

Brand your materials with the logo files provided here. Make sure to use RGB versions for digital and CMYK or the custom color blend for print. If your logo looks squished, blurry or jagged, you may need a different size or resolution. Learn more about logo usage and guidelines here.

PowerPoint presentation template

Create visually engaging and branded PowerPoint presentations with our templates formatted for both traditionally sized (4:3 aspect ratio) and wide (16:9 aspect ratio) screens.

HTML email templates

Our HTML email template is mobile friendly and offers content modules to help you communicate better. Use Dreamweaver or another code editor to edit this template and create your own emails, newsletters and invitations.

Letterhead template

Create cover pages, letters or any other single-page document with this branded stationary template. Kellogg electronic letterhead has a simple header (logo) and footer (address). These elements cannot be further customized. The remaining body of the letter, including signature block, is open for your content.

Digital screen and poster templates

Market your event or make an announcement with these branded digital screen and poster templates.

Event Toolkit

This toolkit is comprised of customizable templates, tools and resources designed to streamline the planning process, elevate the experience, and cover all needs for select school events.


Branded Wallpapers for your desktop computer or mobile phone.

Name Badge template

Use this template to create custom name badges for your event or conference.

Email Signature

Use this email signature template at the bottom of all your school-related email communications.

Global Hub One Sheet & Maps

These maps show rooms and named spaces on all floors of the Global Hub.


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