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These guidelines are meant to sustain a supportive classroom and community environment for students and faculty alike and to enhance student learning.

We believe the following principles will ensure a best-in-class experience for students, their classmates and faculty:

I. Present and prompt

Students are expected to attend every class throughout the term. If unable to attend for unavoidable personal or professional reasons, the student must notify the professor in advance.

Students are expected to arrive for class on time so that the professor may start and end the class according to schedule. Entering a classroom late is a distraction, and disrespectful of both fellow students and professors.

II. Preparedness and participation

To create an optimal learning experience, students are expected to be prepared and participate in class. Beyond the faculty lecture, the dialogue generated from your peers is an essential part of the classroom experience and enriches the conversation and learning.

Also, students should remain in the classroom for the duration of the class. If a student must depart early due to unavoidable circumstances, they should obtain prior permission from the professor, if possible.

III. Respecting our community

Attentiveness to the faculty member and to fellow students is essential to fostering an engaged and dynamic classroom environment. Students should not engage in side conversations, surfing the Web, checking e-mail messages, texting, etc. as it detracts from the experience. In addition, laptops must be closed for all speaker and guest presentations.

IV. Maintaining our surroundings

Students are expected to help maintain the appearance of the classroom. After class, students should discard any trash.

Review the course syllabus for a professor’s specific class policies.