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Understanding Evening & Weekend Program Exchange credits

Learn how to apply your exchange credits toward your Kellogg major in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program.

Students will receive credit toward their Kellogg degree in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program for coursework completed on exchange with the exception of non-business credits such as foreign language coursework. If you’re hoping to have credits applied toward your Kellogg major(s), you must submit a request as detailed below.

Applying exchange credits toward Kellogg majors

Limit: Students may have a maximum of 1.0 credit of exchange coursework applied, upon faculty approval, toward each major they pursue.

Direct Replacement: You must identify a specific course on the Kellogg “Major Requirements” list that you believe strongly correlates with a course you’ve completed on exchange.

Process: You will submit your requests (see the following form) to the Exchange team who will then pass them along to the specified point of contact for each department. Upon review, decisions should be communicated back to Jasmine who will follow-up with each student accordingly and ensure the information is shared with the Kellogg Registrar.

Timing: You must submit transfer request(s) within the two weeks following your exchange so as to receive your decision with plenty of time to have your Kellogg transcript updated in a timely manner.

Process for submitting a request

  1. Save the official syllabus for each exchange course you would like to have applied toward your Kellogg major.
  2. Identify the specific Kellogg course(s) on the list of major requirements which you feel closely aligns with the course(s) you completed abroad.
  3. Submit your request.