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Submitting an Exercise to DRRC for Distribution

DRRC’s collection of negotiation and decision making exercises are created by faculty members of all disciplines to facilitate instruction in the classroom. These exercises can be applied to different disciplines and teaching styles. They are designed to give students a more in-depth experience with the material you are covering in the classroom. The primary focus of NegotiationExercises.com is to provide premier teaching materials across many disciplines to students around the globe.

We at the Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) always welcome exercise submissions. The editing and approval process can take several months, as there is typically back and forth work between the writer and the DRRC working to fine-tune the exercise and get it ready for publication.

Some questions to ask before submitting an exercise:

Have you completed drafts of all roles as well as teaching notes?
Are the teaching points clear and concise?
What are the specific takeaways from this exercise?
Is there significant preparation time for the students outside of class?
How much class time will need to be devoted to negotiation and debrief?
Have you tested the exercise yourself in a classroom or workshop?

What Category & Subcategory does this exercise fall into:

Negotiation: Agents, Based on Real World Cases, Coalitions & Power, Cross-Cultural, Deal Making, Dispute Resolution, Distributive, Government & Public Policy, Human Resources Themes, Integrative, Law School use, Multiparty, Objective Standards, Real Estate, Third Party, Trust & Ethics, Younger Students & General Audience

Teamwork: Creativity & Brainstorming, Cross-Functional Teams, Emotional Intelligence & Coaching, Problem Solving, Team Decision Making, Team Dynamics

Decision Making: Decision Making & Game Theory

In addition, consider what gaps you may see in our collection and whether you have an exercise that would help fill that need. We aim to keep our collection dynamic and adding new exercises regularly helps us make that happen.

Contact us: drrc@kellogg.northwestern.edu

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