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Materials for Law Teachers

Over the past 20 years the Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) at Northwestern University has developed a set of exercises to use to teach negotiation and mediation. The exercises are designed to thoroughly engage the students and bring to life key theoretical concepts. The exercises come with extensive teaching notes and a guide for debriefing that not only provides questions to highlight key theoretical concepts, but also outlines the answers to those questions.

DRRC and KTAG exercises are available at new.negotiationexercises.com.

Click below to watch a series of 2 minute videos with Lynn Cohn, Director of the Program on Negotiation and Mediation at Northwestern University School of Law, talking about exercises that fulfill various teaching needs like mediation or cross-cultural issues.


Negotiation and Culture:

Lawyer as a Negotiator:

Rational Decision Making:

Conflict Management within the Firm:

Dispute Resolution and Mediation:

Group Assigner:
Frustrated with the time consuming process or arranging and rearranging students into groups so that they negotiate with as many different personalities in the class as possible?

Watch a short video with Lynn Cohn on DRRC’s Group Assigner:

Find out more about Group Assigner

“Who Wants to Be a Mediator?”
by Margaret L. Shaw and Stephen Goldberg (31,357 KB)

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