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Teaching Materials

Negotiation, Teamwork, and Decision Making Exercises

The Dispute Resolution Research Center distributes over 130 exercises in the areas of negotiation, dispute resolution, competitive decision making, and teamwork. These exercises are used by instructors in schools of law, management, communications, and public policy around the world as well as by consultants and management trainers. DRRC’s exercises are accessible to instructors and trainers at negotiationexercises.com. Each exercise is accompanied by extensive teaching notes. To order sign up for an account on www.drrcexercises.com

All exercises carried are listed below:

Abhas Bussan

Albion Basin

All in the Family

Alpha Beta


Architectural Design Firm

At Your Service

Aussie Air

BioPharm - Seltek

Blue Buggy

Bullard Houses

Buying a House

Carter Racing Parts A&B

Cartoon - Japanese & US/US

Cascade Manor

Celtic Luck

Chestnut Drive

Club West

Coaching Exercise

Cobalt Systems

Coffee Contract

College Town Apartments

Commodities Brokers

Commodity Purchase

Comparative Advertising

Computron Pharmaceuticals

Culture and Community Mediation

Data Printer

Day Care Task Force

Drug-Testing Program

Eazy's Garage


Endowed Chair

Energetics Meets Generex

Everyone Has a Number Market

Executive Decision Making Game

Federated Science Fund

Food for Thought

Funny Business

Galbraith and Company

Game of 4-3-2

Gas Station Game


Give and Choose

Gold Card

Granite Corporation in Costa Rica

H&G Household Goods


Havana Plants

Information Game


International Lodging Merger


Kidney Case

Kukui Nuts

Lending Limit

Lost in Translation

Low Price Promotion

Lovely Braids


Mediation in Action: Resolving a Complex Dispute

Mediation Process


More Growth for Tonto Bar & Grill


MP3 Player

Multiple Items Game

New Car

New Recruit

New Ultimatum Game

Non-Profit Conflict


One Paperclip

Outside Offer

Ozark River Bank

Panda Negotiation

Paradise Project

Pat Sullivan

PB Technologies

Performance Interview

Project Team Effectiveness

Qualitative Feedback Exercise

Quickstop Mall

Refugees and the PPC

Role Analysis

Rooftop Deck

Securing Our Society


Shared Activity

Silent Bargaining Quiz

Social Services

Sound Manufacturing

Speed Ventures Parts A&B

Squabbling Authors


Strategic Alliances: Selling to the Pentagon

Student Project

Sugar Bowl

Summer Interns Program

Sweet Shops

Team Assessment

Team Contract

Team Quiz

Thai Solar Park

Three Hour Tour

Three Rivers Hospital

Tipal Dam

Towers Market

Trust Game

Ultimatum Game

Universal Telecom

Vacation Plans

Viking Investments

Virtual Victorian

Who Lives?: A Group Decision Making Exercise

Windy City Theater


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