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Negotiation and Mediation Research and Teaching Certificate Program 2016

The Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) at Northwestern University has a biennial certificate program in Negotiation and Mediation Research and Teaching.  The program draws on the collective knowledge of Kellogg School of Management and Northwestern School of Law faculty who have been researching negotiation and mediation and instructing students in how to teach these subjects since 1982.

The DRRC and Law School faculty now offer this unique opportunity to share their knowledge with professors and graduate students from around the world who would like to set up research programs and teach negotiation and mediation in professional schools of management, law, public policy or in undergraduate management, psychology, sociology, communications studies, or political science curricula.  Participants will learn negotiation and mediation theory and practice, become critical consumers of research, and learn the experiential method of teaching negotiation and mediation.  The program is designed for applicants who have or are close to finishing a PhD or a JD.
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