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The Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) was founded in the spring of 1986 by Northwestern University faculty in the Schools of Law, Management, and Arts and Sciences. DRRC is a Kellogg School of Management research center. Northwestern University faculty and Ph.D. students are welcome to participate in DRRC activities. Faculty at other Chicago area universities participate in DRRC activities as affiliates. The DRRC is managed by a director, appointed by the Kellogg Dean.The DRRC's Advisory Committee reviews the DRRC's activities annually, and consults with the Dean's Office on research, executive and continuing education, and development.

  • to be a nationally recognized center for research on conflict, dispute resolution and negotiation.
  • to be a major site for education in negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • to be a major provider of continuing education programs to present the latest developments in dispute resolution and negotiation.
  • to be a internationally recognized provider of conflict related negotiation and dispute resolution teaching materials
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