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The Dispute Resolution Research Center continues to be a global leader in producing innovative research that enhances our theoretical and practical understanding of how to manage conflict, improve collaborations and negotiate effectively.

Cynthia Wang, executive director of DRRC

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    From Kellogg Insight

    A Surprising Benefit of Feeling Ownership over Your Possessions

    From our earliest days in the sandbox, we’re taught to avoid being too possessive. “Sharing is caring!” countless parents have said after their kid aggressively snatched a bucket back from a friend.

    5 Ways to Improve Diversity Training, According to a New Study

    Diversity trainings, whether implemented out of a desire to improve corporate practices or in response to a public relations crisis, have become a mainstay of American organizational life. By one estimate, they are an $8 billion-a-year industry.

    Don’t Let Your Company Culture Falter During the Pandemic

    Across the economy, few businesses have gone untouched by the pandemic. And it isn’t just companies’ operations, or their bottom lines, that have been thrown into turmoil. Company cultures are also under stress.

    The Political Divide in America Goes Beyond Polarization and Tribalism

    By now, Americans are used to hearing how “polarized” our country is—how Democrats and Republicans live in separate worlds, or “echo chambers,” with each side prone to bias or “motivated reasoning.” Pundits and scholars have made the case ad nauseum for years.

    What Companies Can Do to Encourage Compliance with COVID Safety Measures

    A lot of effort goes into safely reopening offices, daycares, and other public spaces. Furniture has to be reorganized, ventilation reconsidered, touch-free devices installed, and signage added to reduce occupancy and encourage social distancing—among many other measures.

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