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The Dispute Resolution Research Center continues to be a global leader in producing innovative research that enhances our theoretical and practical understanding of how to manage conflict, improve collaborations and negotiate effectively.

Cynthia Wang, executive director of DRRC

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    From Kellogg Insight

    Under Quarantine, It’s Not Marriage-as-Usual

    Editor’s note: This is part of a series of articles based on Kellogg Executive Education webinars focused on COVID-19.

    Uncertainty. Loss of Control. Why COVID-19 Is a Perfect Storm for Conspiracy Theories.

    As COVID-19 continues its alarming spread, a wave of conspiracies has followed. Where exactly did it come from? And who is to blame for its devastating impact?

    How a “Hypocrisy Intervention” Could Reduce Hostility toward Muslims

    People have a tendency to hold an entire group responsible for individual members’ crimes—a tendency that can fuel violence against that group. This has become a recurring fear for Muslims in recent years. For instance, in 2001, the year 9/11 occurred, the FBI recorded roughly 500 hate crimes against Muslims, compared to about 20 to 30 per year in the preceding decade.

    Take 5: What Business Leaders Can Learn from the World of Sports

    It’s no coincidence that some of the most iconic advice about how to lead and motivate people comes from the world of sports.

    Is Your Company’s Code of Conduct Encouraging … Misconduct?

    At most firms, employees are expected to follow a code of conduct that lays out rules for ethical behavior. Despite the tremendous variation in companies’ missions and cultures, these codes often cover the same points: avoid conflicts of interest, do not sexually harass colleagues, treat others in a fair and unbiased way, and so on.

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