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The Dispute Resolution Research Center continues to be a global leader in producing innovative research that enhances our theoretical and practical understanding of how to manage conflict, improve collaborations and negotiate effectively.

Cynthia Wang, executive director of DRRC

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    From Kellogg Insight

    6 Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Diversity in Your Organization

    The racial reckoning of spring 2020 prompted much soul-searching at organizations, as companies, nonprofits, and schools realized they could no longer ignore failures of diversity and inclusion. Many quickly rolled out programming aimed at addressing these shortcomings—in particular, diversity trainings.

    Why Do Some People See Inequality Where Others Don’t?

    Nour Kteily was leaving a seminar one day when a colleague pointed out something he hadn’t noticed: female students who raised their hands weren’t getting called on by the guest speaker as often as male students.

    Why Highly Esteemed Leaders Are Surprisingly Likely to Fumble Their Next Project

    When it comes to leading a successful project, sometimes having too much status can be a bad thing.

    Why Companies Should Engage with Activists

    Activists have long set their sights on corporations in an effort to bring about social change. Think of the lunch-counter boycotts of the Civil Rights movement, for example. Today that pressure from activists is only growing, whether it’s focused on racial justice or labor reforms or the environment.

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