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The 2020 DRRC Political Polarization Conference has been postponed to a later date. This conference will highlight top interdisciplinary researchers with a focus on understanding political polarization. We will continue to support student research by providing grants and sponsoring best student paper awards at the International Academy of Conflict Management and Academy of Management. DRRC remains committed to being one of the top resources for research on negotiations and conflict management.

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  Our newest exercise, Mars-Jupiter: Nuclear Negotiationis a cross-cultural, points-based, multi-issue negotiation with integrative potential and the prospect of tracking trust dynamics. Based on actual negotiations between the United States and Iran, it revolves around the idea of renegotiation after one or both parties have reneged on a prior agreement. Students will have the opportunity to negotiate when cultural and power differences are at play. We have changed the context of this exercise to remove any preconceived notions about the real-world events.

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