DRRC Faculty, Staff & Postdoctoral Fellows

DRRC Faculty, Staff & Postdoctoral Fellows

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The Dispute Resolution Research Center was founded in 1986 by professors Jeanne Brett, Stephen Goldberg, Margaret Neale, Leigh Thompson, Roger Myerson and Mike Roloff with the goal of becoming a nationally recognized center for research on conflict, dispute resolution and negotiation. Over the years, DRRC has hosted many conferences that have produced numerous books and papers. During Professor Brett’s tenure, the Center began selling negotiation and teamwork teaching exercises and the profit earned from the sales have been used to support research activities that enhance the understanding of conflict, dispute resolution and negotiation.

DRRC began a postdoctoral research fellow program starting in 1986, which has fostered the research and teaching skills of more than 32 post-doctoral fellows. Professor Brett and her colleagues set the course for DRRC to be one of the main resources for negotiations faculty across the globe.

One of DRRC’s cornerstones is its postdoctoral program, one of the most preeminent fellowships in the field of conflict and negotiations research; recipients work with top faculty in the field, have placed at the world’s best universities and continue to generate cutting-edge research with implications for both scholars and practitioners.

Cynthia Wang, executive director of the Dispute Resolution Research Center 

DRRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Recruiting

DRRC invites applications for the 2023 postdoctoral fellow position.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Christopher To (2019-2021) 

Dylan Wiwad (2019-2021) 

Jillian Jordan (2018-2020)

Marlon Moojiman (2017-2019)

Esther Sackett (2017)

Abbie Wazlawek (2015)

Smadar Cohen-Chen (2014)

Zachary Burns (2013)

Tiffany Brannon (2013)

Lisa Shu (2012)

Daniel Effron (2011)

Gairry Shytenberg (2010)

Nir Halevy (2010)

Hal Ersner-Hershfield (2009)

Taya Cohen (2008)

Sei Jin Ko (2007)

Christopher Bauman (2006)

William Maddux (2004)

Elizabeth Mullen (2004)

Donna Shestowsky (Law-DRRC 2003)

Aletha Claussen-Schulz (Law-DRRC 2002)

Geoffrey Leonardelli (DRRC 2002)

Cameron Anderson (2001)

Jeff Loewenstein (2000)

Judith White (1999)

Adam Galinsky (1998)

Laura Kray (1997)

Kimberly Wade-Benzoni (1996)

Kathleen O'Connor (1996)

Craig Fox (1994)

Paul Straub (1993)

Karen Cates (1993)

Richard Larrick (1991)

Michelle Buck (1992)

Terry Boles (1991)

David Houston (1989)

Larry Heuer (1987)

Robin Pinkley (1986)


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