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Kellogg has long been the global leader in supporting the research and teaching mission of the international conflict management community.

The Dispute Resolution Research Center (DRRC) was founded in the spring of 1986 by Northwestern University faculty in the schools of law, management, and arts and sciences. While it is a Kellogg School of Management research center, Northwestern University faculty and Ph.D. students are welcome to participate in DRRC activities. Additionally, faculty at other Chicago-area universities may participate in DRRC activities as affiliates.

DRRC is managed by an executive director appointed by the Kellogg dean. Its advisory committee reviews DRRC activities annually, and consults with the dean's office on research, executive and continuing education, and development.

DRRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 

DRRC is home to a longstanding fellowship
position that allows postdoctoral researchers
to conduct original research with Kellogg
faculty members.

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DRRC Overview

DRRC’s mission is to uphold its reputation as a nationally recognized center for research on conflict, dispute resolution and negotiation, as well as to be an internationally recognized provider of continuing education programs and teaching materials. Each part of DRRC plays a pivotal role in contributing to this mission.

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Read compelling research by thought leaders who specialize in collaboration, conflict, dispute resolution and negotiation.

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Browse more than 200 exercises on negotiation, dispute resolution, decision-making and teamwork.

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Dispute Resolution Research & Thought Leadership

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Research & Thought Leadership

Discover innovative research on collaboration, conflict and negotiations

Teaching Resources

Access negotiation and decision-making exercises that have been taught by faculty around the world

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DRRC can be reached by email , by phone at 847.491.8068, or via fax 847.467.5700