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Enhance your skill set. Customize your education.

The Kellogg curriculum is designed to shape you into a well-rounded leader, ready to drive growth, engage teams and tackle complex problems in your organization. It deepens your understanding of how each part of an organization contributes to the success of the whole. It equips you to approach problems differently, ask better questions and lead with confidence.

Depending on your pace, Traditional or Accelerated, you’ll complete the appropriate number of required core courses. Next, you’ll dive into advanced electives to deepen your knowledge in specific areas.

Core courses

Our core courses are designed to equip students with fundamental business knowledge, analytical skills and the social acumen to succeed in today’s business landscape. All students in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program, regardless of pace, will take the following two courses. These courses are cornerstones of the Evening & Weekend MBA Program, and are dedicated to the science of management and the art of leadership:

The eight courses listed below complete the core requirements. These classes will prepare you for advanced study at Kellogg and round out your business knowledge across functions, priming you for success:

If you’re pursuing the Accelerated Option, prior coursework may replace three to four of these core classes (eligibility is determined prior to being admitted). Individual core classes may be waived after being admitted for any student. Each department has a waiver procedure for its core offering.

Elective courses

Build higher-level knowledge and skills through our elective courses, which cover a broad spectrum and provide a deep focus in a variety of topics and industries. Leverage these courses to achieve your personal and professional goals — whether that means gaining expertise in your chosen industry, taking advantage of our experiential learning courses, filling skill gaps or exploring new areas of business.

As an Evening & Weekend MBA student, you are not required to select a major. However, many of our students choose a major or pathway to structure their coursework.

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Evening & Weekend Application Deadlines

Spring 2024: Jan 3, 2024
Summer 2024: March 27, 2024
Fall 2024: June 5, 2024
Winter 2025: Sept 25, 2024