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An MBA experience at the center of business, tech and science

The power of MBAi comes from the collaboration between Kellogg and McCormick, who have come together to create a new, blended approach to business and technology leadership.

The MBAi curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills to become a leader in fields such as technical operations, product management, product marketing and consulting. The depth and breadth of our coursework also ensures graduates are prepared to take on novel, emerging roles in this constantly evolving market space.

Below is a simplified roadmap of what you can expect from the curriculum throughout our program.

  • QUARTER 1: Begin with a Computational Thinking course to anchor technical curriculum and core MBA courses. This framework will help to develop strategies for AI-driven technologies through a leadership lens.

  • QUARTERS 2 & 3: Continuation of Kellogg core curriculum. You will also enroll in technology-focused and integrative courses, which begin to put business strategies to work.

  • QUARTER 4: All students will complete a full-time summer internship while taking one asynchronous course. After internships conclude, students will have the option to convene at Northwestern’s San Francisco campus for a week-long Silicon Valley immersion experience.

  • QUARTER 5: Prepare to take the next step toward your professional careers through a Capstone product lab experience that will allow you to work with a team of students from both MBAi and McCormick’s MS in Artificial Intelligence program to develop a solution for a real-world project in collaboration with a company sponsor. This experience will culminate in a Capstone showcase, where you will share your solution with students, staff and industry experts. You will also take additional coursework in core topics like advanced tech product management, as well as in areas of interest through elective courses.

Academic Experience


MBA core

You will participate in a combination of courses that are part of Kellogg's core MBA curriculum, as well as classes that are custom-built by Kellogg and McCormick faculty and exclusive to the MBAi program.

Core classes, taken alongside students from across the Full-Time MBA Programs:

  • Business Strategy
  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Finance I

MBAi classes:

  • Business Analytics
  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management

Technical core

Technical core courses will accelerate your fluency in analytics and complex technologies. You’ll begin with concepts including intermediate programming in Python, data structures and the Agile process, as well as techniques for business problem translation, management, applications and scale.

  • Computational Thinking for Business Leaders
  • Applied AI for Business
  • Data Intensive Systems
  • Tech Product Management
  • Modern Software Architectures 

Integrated core

A range of courses from both Kellogg and McCormick, as well as new programming created exclusively for MBAi. Specialty electives will integrate these topics with business issues in marketing, finance, operations and other functional areas.

  • Emerging Leaders in Technology Speaker Series
  • AI Leaders
  • Organizational Design & Ethics 
  • Capstone Course 

Summer internship & industry immersion

You will use the Kellogg Career Management Center to help secure a 10-week summer internship. All students will take one asychronus course alongside their summer internship and will have the option to take 05.-1.0 additional virtual courses.

Summer quarter will end with a Silicon Valley Experience that includes company on-site visits, industry networking events, case competitions and more.

  • Ten-week summer internship
  • Optional one-week Silicon Valley Experience

Cutting-edge research paired with modern-day practice

MBAi courses are taught by a dynamic blend of tenured faculty and seasoned professionals at the cutting edge of business practice.

  • Eric T. Anderson
    Polk Bros. Chair in Retailing; Professor of Marketing
  • Andrew Fano
    Clinical Professor; McCormick Director, Kellogg-McCormick MBAi
  • Sara Sood
    Professor of Instruction; Chookaszian Family Teaching Professor; Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education
  • Leslie DeChurch
    Professor, Communication Studies
    School of Communication
  • Jim Lecinski
    Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Kevin McTigue
    Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Hatim Rahman
    Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
  • Jorg Spenkuch
    Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences
  • Adam Waytz
    Morris and Alice Kaplan Chair in Ethics and Decision Management; Professor of Management & Organizations
  • Andrew Leone
    Keith I. DeLashmutt Professor of Accounting Information & Management Chair of Accounting Information & Management Department
  • Aneta Gola
    Sr. Product Manager & Product Management Leader Kellogg MBA '18
  • Becky Carlson
    Adjunct Lecturer; Director, IDEO
  • Birju Shah
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Sebastien Martin
    Assistant Professor of Operations
  • Steven Franconeri
    Professor of Design; Director, Northwestern Cognitive Science Program
  • Alex Castrounis
    Adjunct Lecturer; Director, IDEO
  • Jeff Eschbach
    Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship; Associate Director of Venture Creation for the Kellogg Entrepreneurship Program
  • Brook Miller
    Adjunct Lecturer; Co-Founder, CTO

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Full-Time MBA Application Deadlines

Round 1: Sept. 13, 2023
Round 2: Jan. 10, 2024
Round 3: April 3, 2024