Bernard Roy — Kellogg Executive MBA Student Testimonial

Simply put, Haiti has an unsteady environment and faces enormous risks and challenges.

Years of business experience have provided me with good instincts, but we all know good instincts alone don't guarantee success. It became imperative for me to reinforce my practical learning with a more formal knowledge of analytical skills and a true understanding of the latest thinking and ideas.

I chose Kellogg because of the flexible schedule, convenient Miami campus, and the appeal of the collaborative approach. The combination of outstanding professors and the ability to learn from fellow students is one of the most attractive facets of this program. Working together enables us to spend time openly discussing issues and sharing important ideas.

I now realize there are no absolute right answers to business problems. Each person can have a different take on a problem and can offer a perfectly acceptable solution. I'm already a more patient and better listener because of the Kellogg experience.

For me, the focus has always been on the bottom line. It's been very refreshing to see how classmates from other walks of life— for example, physicians or those engaged in nonprofit organizations -- approach business issues. They are more "people-centric." I've discovered tremendous value in learning how to see things from different angles.

Bernard Roy '12

President and Chairman of the Board, Capital Bank

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