Learning designed for leaders

As a seasoned executive, you need an MBA program that builds on your functional expertise and strengthens your acumen across all areas of an organization. As an Executive MBA student, you will expand your general management foundation to augment your skills as a strategic thinker and leader. You will have access to a wide range of electives that meet your professional interests or introduce you to new topics. Throughout this process, you learn from world-renowned leaders and practitioners, and study alongside widely accomplished leaders.

Customizable curriculum

Our core courses in general management help you grow beyond your functional area and develop into a well-rounded manager with leadership strengths across all aspects of your organization. At the same time, our electives invite a deep dive into topics that support your professional goals while connecting academic theory to real-world practice.

Leading-edge certificates

Next academic year, our Healthcare Leadership and Product Management certificates will allow students to deepen their knowledge and expertise in fields increasingly important to the business landscape. To earn the Healthcare Leadership certificate, students must complete the Healthcare Deep Dive immersion course, taught by renowned Kellogg faculty and industry leaders. Our Product Management certificate is administered under the guidance of globally recognized scholars who lead students in a foundational course supplemented with electives of their choice.

Engaging, prestigious faculty

At Kellogg, you learn from an esteemed group of scholars, teachers, researchers and practitioners who are globally renowned for their expertise. In addition to authoring some of the most highly regarded books in their field, these faculty members have served as consultants and thought leaders on behalf of governments and a countless number of Fortune 500 companies. Both accessible and highly engaging, they are known for their enthusiasm for teaching, learning from and connecting with leading executives like you.

Highest caliber peers

Our Executive MBA Program attracts the highest caliber executives, with the vast majority of students serving at the C-suite, vice president or director level. Hailing from a variety of disciplines, industries and backgrounds, they create a diverse and dynamic classroom environment that enhances your learning experience. You will challenge, inspire and learn from one another.

Customize your learning experience to deepen your business knowledge

As a student, you will take core, advanced and elective courses to complete a total of 28 units allowing you to customize your learning experience to your professional needs.

In order to earn our Healthcare Leadership or Product Management certificates, students may take up to 32 credits while in the program to complete either of the certificates at no extra cost. Starting spring 2024, graduates who successfully earn the certificate will see it specially designated on their official Northwestern transcript.

Core Courses

Covering accounting, finance, organizations, strategy, economics and marketing, the program’s core courses provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of management.

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses take a deeper dive into management fundamentals. You may choose to opt out of one to two advanced courses, if you wish to devote more time to electives.


With more than 40 courses to choose from, Kellogg offers one of the largest suite of electives in an Executive MBA program. You may take these electives on any of the seven campuses in our Executive MBA Global Network.

Global Network Week

Each year, students from around the world convene in Evanston for Global Network Week, an experience that’s both academically rigorous and professionally fulfilling. Experience the power of the global classroom as you study, collaborate and network with management leaders from around the world.

Global Electives

When you take global electives in the Executive MBA Global Network, you’ll learn from local faculty with deep expertise in specific regions. You’ll also engage in cross-cultural collaboration with leaders who live and work in the markets you’re studying. As a part of your academic requirements, you will complete one set of global electives, which consists of two courses completed typically within 5-6 days.

Emerging Markets Courses

Our emerging markets courses take a deep dive into the most pressing issues facing developing economies today. Experiential by nature and project-based by design, they offer a unique opportunity to explore emerging markets in-depth and tailor a research project according to your interests.

Course Requirements

Course Type Class Units
Core Courses
18.5 required
Advanced Courses
3.5-5.5 units
4-8 units
28 units

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