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Equilibrium Capital Group Founder and adjunct lecturer Dave Chen explains impact investing during a talk at Kellogg Reunion 2015.

Reunion 2015

Kellogg Insight Live: Impact Investing

Dave Chen '84 and Paul Christensen examine the benefits of impact investing

7/28/2015 - From health care to affordable housing, food scarcity to clean water access, there are a number of issues that plague society.

But if you look at them another way, says Dave Chen '84, these social issues are opportunities for investing, innovation and an attractive return on investment.

That’s the idea behind impact investing, which Chen describes as using market models to turn these social ills into viable marketplaces while benefitting the public.

CEO of Equilibrium Capital Group and an adjunct lecturer at Kellogg, Chen and Clinical Professor of Finance Paul Christensen delved into impact investing, microfinance and ways to identify opportunities as part of the Kellogg Insight Live Faculty Sessions held this past May at Reunion 2015.

Dave Chen ’84 on the opportunity for impact investing

Dave Chen ’84 on what distinguishes impact investing

Paul Christensen on lessons from microfinance

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