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Kellogg's expert faculty discuss strategies for negotiating employment packages at the Women Negotiate Forum

Women Negotiate Forum

Women Negotiate Forum

Video: strategies for negotiating employment packages

At the Women Negotiate Forum, Kellogg faculty members Leigh Thompson, Jeanne Brett, Vicki Medvec and Nicole Stephens answered questions about effective strategies women can employ when negotiating for employment packages. Their suggestions can help women prioritize their needs and turn offers into dream jobs.

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When it's personal
  • Personal matters may force you to negotiate the terms of your position. When that happens, preparation counts.

Asking for what you need
  • If you have personal constraints that you need to bring to the negotiating table, make the conversation about how it will help the company. For you to be able to give your potential employers what they need, you must get these factors settled first.

Mid-career promotions
  • How do you pursue a promotion in the middle of your career? Do your homework, build your case with data and make it easier to say “yes.”

When it's pregnancy
  • Pregnancy is one of those times when your personal and professional lives compete for your attention. However, one can achieve balance with some careful planning.