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What does it take to become part of the next generation of tech leaders? The MBAi Program prepares students to take on roles across this dynamic, evolving field. A collaboration between Kellogg and Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, the MBAi program equips graduates to lead in fields from technical operations to product management, product marketing to consulting and more. 

Meet some of our MBAi Class of 2024 students who share a little about their backgrounds, why they chose MBAi and the best part of their Kellogg experience so far. 


Kellog MBAi student Alizain Merchant

Alizain Merchant 
Hometown: Maputo, Mozambique 

Undergraduate degree: Business, Emory University  

Pre-MBA role and company: Senior product owner, Southwest Airlines 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “Great experience so far.”


Kellog MBAi student Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh 
Hometown: Moradabad, India 

Undergraduate degree: Chemical engineering, IIT Guwahati 

Pre-MBA role and company: Project manager, Cultfit 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “My experience has been great so far. First, I love the academic structure of the program. Secondly, I like the fact that MBAi class size is small and enables deeper connections.”

Why I chose MBAi: “After 7 years of work experience, I wanted an MBA program that is shorter but does not compromise on the internship opportunity. I was also very particular about a tech MBA program based on my choice of post-MBA career in product management.”


Kellogg MBAi student apurva gorti

Apurva Gorti 

Hometown: San Jose, CA 

Undergraduate degree: Computer science, University of Texas-Austin 

Pre-MBA role and company: Software engineer, Salesforce 

Why I chose MBAi: “I chose MBAi for its interdisciplinary curriculum that allows me to effectively integrate my engineering expertise with an education that will deepen my understanding of how businesses operate and can leverage AI for growth and impact. The accelerated nature of the program also appealed to me, as it will enable me to quickly re-enter the rapidly evolving tech industry while still providing me with valuable hands-on experience through an internship opportunity.”


Kellogg MBAi student Bárbara Montes de Oca

Bárbara Montes de Oca  
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico 

Undergraduate degree: Actuarial science, Universidad Anahuac 

Pre-MBA role and company: VP in product management, Citibank 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “My MBAi experience so far has exceeded my expectations. As an international student, my first weeks in the US were a tough moment of adaptation to a whole different environment, culture and language. However, sooner than later my MBAi cohort became a safe space for me as I got to know each of them, and I realized they will become my new family here.”

Why I chose MBAi: “I chose the MBAi for the tech-focused curriculum. Coming from a math background, I wanted an MBA through which I could improve my tech understanding and its business applications. Moreover, the length of the program allowed me to maximize ROI.”


Kellogg MBAi student Christien Kerbert

Christien Kerbert 

Hometown: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Undergraduate degree: Econometrics and operations research, Erasmus University of Rotterdam 

Pre-MBA role and company: Consultant, BCG 

Why I chose MBAi: “I have a strong passion for using technology and data to drive business innovation and growth. I believe the MBAi program will provide me with the tools and knowledge to achieve my goal of becoming a business leader in tech. I am excited to learn from the top-notch faculty of both Kellogg and McCormick and gain hands-on experience through the summer internship.”


Kellogg MBAi student DK Marsh

DK Marsh 
Hometown: Sacramento, CA 

Undergraduate degree: Philosophy, University of San Diego 

Pre-MBA role and company: Operations at a Health-Tech, Link Revenue Resources 

Best part of Kellogg so far:
 “The diverse group of people that I'm now connected with! Kellogg has been amazing and I'm really enjoying the people and culture. The MBAi program has attracted such a cool group of people that I'm proud to call classmates and friends.”

Why I chose MBAi: “It became clear to me that being able to translate a business problem into a technical solution will be a huge advantage going forward and I saw the MBAi program as a way to bridge this understanding.”


Kellogg MBAi student Erika Ortiz

Erika Ortiz 
Hometown: El Paso, TX 

Undergraduate degree: Finance, St. Edward’s University  

Pre-MBA role and company
: Product manager, JUST 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “It is a unique program that has strengthened my gaps in business and technology. My favorite part has been getting to know my peers, all so diverse and supportive, further enriching the Kellogg experience.”

Why I chose MBAi: “I chose the MBAi program because I'm excited by the future of AI and the opportunity it gives to design more inclusive products. There are not many programs out there that inspire high impact low ego leaders who sit at the forefront of business and technology.”


Kellogg MBAi student Ethan Asher

Ethan Asher 
Hometown: Potomac, MD

Undergraduate degree: Accounting, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Pre-MBA role and company: Accounting, PricewaterhouseCoopers 

Why I chose MBAi: “I chose MBAi because I was interested in how data and technology can help drive better strategic decision-making. Coming from a non-technical background, I was looking for programs that could expand my technical skills while maintaining focus on the business side of the equation. The MBAi program is the perfect place for that.”


Kellogg MBAi student Harry McGraw

Harry McGraw 
Hometown: Dallas, TX 

Undergraduate degree: Mechanical engineering, Vanderbilt University 

Pre-MBA role and company: Project/program manager, Cox Communications 

Why I chose MBAi: “MBAi’s goal of developing leaders who understand business innovation and the technologies that drive it forward is directly aligned with my career vision. Technology will only continue transforming business, and future leaders can differentiate themselves by understanding their tech inside and out.”


Kellogg MBAi student Jiaoyang Li

Jiaoyang Li 
Hometown: Guiyang, China 

Undergraduate degree: Computing, University of Plymouth 

Pre-MBA role and company: Solution engineer, Goldman Sachs 

Why I chose MBAi: “The program offers an opportunity for me to gain business knowledge while refreshing technology knowledge. The AI topics included in the program are cutting-edge and relevant to current development in the technology sector.”


Kellogg MBAi student Joe Tan

Joe Tan 
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan 

Undergraduate degree: Mechanical engineering, National Taiwan University 

Pre-MBA role and company: Consultant, BCG 

Why I chose MBAi: “Coming from an engineering background, I want to gain more business acumen and understand how technology can drive business objectives Additionally, a 15-month program allows me to do an internship in the summer and maximize my professional development.”


Kellogg MBAi student Justin Hyeon

Justin Hyeon 

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea 

Undergraduate degree: Business administration and software engineering, Sogang University 

Pre-MBA role and company: Product manager, Samsung Electronics 

Why I chose Kellogg: “I selected the MBAi program due to its exclusive chance to earn a joint degree in the quickest duration among premier MBA programs globally. My aim is to merge the AI and data analytics capabilities from the McCormick Engineering School with Kellogg's proficiency in entrepreneurship through acquisition and healthcare. This fusion provides me with the uncommon and highly sought-after skills required to excel in the constantly changing digital transformation business arena and forge my own path towards achievement.” 

Kellogg MBAi student Kasumi Hatori

Kasumi Hatori 
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan 

Undergraduate degree: Aeronautics and astronautics, University of Tokyo 

Pre-MBA role and company: Data scientist, Signate/Development Bank of Japan 

Why I chose MBAi: “It integrates business strategy and analytical technologies, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, data science, and advanced statistics. The goal of MBAi is perfectly aligned with mine, which is to become a future tech leader who can speak both languages.”


Kellogg MBAi student Miguel Rehder

Miguel Rehder 
Hometown: Lima, Peru 

Undergraduate degree: Industrial engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Pre-MBA role and company: Senior associate - risk specialist, Banco de Credito del Peru 

Why I chose MBAi: “I value being part of a close-knit community and because the program offers a unique balance between Kellogg's strategic and team-leadership skills and McCormick's technical perspective. This balance will empower me to become a leader in the tech industry.”


Kellogg MBAi student Njideka Okafor

Njideka Okafor 
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria 

Undergraduate degree: Electronic engineering, University of Nigeria 

Pre-MBA role and company: Data engineer, Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia) 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “As cliché as it sounds the best part of my MBAi experience has been the people, a close-knit cohort of extremely talented yet humble individuals that have quickly become family. The faculty are also AMAZING. Our classes are carefully curated to equip us with the technical and business skills required to navigate businesses at that intersection today.”

Why I chose MBAi: “It was important for me to find a program that will allow me to strengthen my business and leadership acumen while sharpening my technical skills. The MBAi program gave me all of this and a cherry on top - the small class size, great faculty and close-knit community. It lives true to its promise of shaping leaders at the intersection of business and technology.” 


Kellogg MBAi student Puneet Batra

Puneet Batra  
Hometown: Sonipat, India 

Undergraduate degree: Energy engineering, IIT Bombay 

Pre-MBA role and company: CleanTech entrepreneur, Avrio Energy 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “Very warm and welcoming. The whole administration and faculty are creating memorable experiences for all of us with a curriculum that is market ready and well-balanced between tech and business.”

Why I chose MBAi: “I come from a technology background and wanted to continue being close to technology. I specifically chose MBAi as it teaches us the relevant skills needed for managing technology-oriented businesses.”


Kellogg MBAi student Rahul Sahai Saxena

Rahul Sahai Saxena 
Hometown: Lucknow, India 

Undergraduate degree: Electronics and communication engineering, Birla Institute of Technology 

Pre-MBA role and company
: Technical program manager, Amazon 

Why I chose MBAi: “The MBAi program with its unique blend of business and AI technology education is what drew me in. It is a future-proof business program that equips students with the ability to approach business situations through AI and data analytics. Additionally, the shorter duration of the program, coupled with an internship opportunity, is a huge plus for international students like me. It not only simplifies the job search process but also gives us a chance to test the waters in a specific industry or function before committing to it full-time. This program is nothing short of a game-changer for those who want to excel in the business world of the future.”


Kellogg MBAi student Serena Tarneja

Serena Tarneja 
Hometown: Orlando, FL 

Undergraduate degree: Industrial engineering, University of Florida 

Pre-MBA role and company: Corporate development associate, Fandom 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “The best part about the MBAi program is the size and diversity of the class. I have met so many interesting people from all over the world and being part of a smaller cohort has allowed me to form deeper connections quicker.”

Why I chose MBAi: “I chose the MBAi program due to the smaller cohort size, the tech-focused curriculum and the shorter duration. The program will not only make me a more well-rounded leader but also provide me with an understanding of how AI can be used to solve business problems.”


Kellogg MBAi student Sourya Mukherjee

Sourya Mukherjee 
Hometown: Kolkata, India 

Undergraduate degree: Biotech engineering, IIT Kharagpur 

Pre-MBA role and company
: Product manager, Prodigal Technologies 

Why I chose MBAi: “The classes are super interesting and fit my interest at the intersection of business and tech.”


Kellogg MBAi student Theo Kelly

Theo Kelly 
Hometown: Norwalk, CT 

Undergraduate degree: Industrial engineering and manufacturing and design engineering, Northwestern University 

Pre-MBA role and company: Analytics program manager, Meta 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “Through the cohort's wide variety of skills and experiences, we learn more from our classes and grow our network in ways that wouldn't be possible if we all came from the same background.” 

Why I chose MBAi: “I wanted to further expand my technical toolkit by adding experience working with ML models and AI systems while also reaping all the benefits of a traditional MBA. MBAi provides the perfect balance between the two and will empower me to be a stronger leader in our tech-enabled world.”


Kellogg MBAi student Trisha Ghosh

Trisha Ghosh 
Hometown: Kolkata, India 

Undergraduate degree: Electronics engineering, Manipal University 

Pre-MBA role and company: Semiconductor engineer, Intel 

Best part of Kellogg so far: “So far, so good.”


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