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Every year we welcome a fresh class of students to the Kellogg community. However, students are not the only newcomers each Fall Quarter. We’re excited to welcome a few exceptional new faculty members with a diverse set of expertise to contribute to our expansive and rigorous programming.

Kellogg is committed to evolving our curriculum and class offerings to give students the necessary opportunities and skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. That starts with exceptional faculty.

This year, our additions to the faculty roster continue to elevate our teaching standards. Their research spans from financial markets to consumer behaviors and the consequences of recent technological innovations.

Meet the new faces of Kellogg faculty below. Learn more about what they bring to the classroom, who inspires them, how they stay busy outside of school and more.

Guy Aridor

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Currently teaching: Omnichannel Experience & Strategy

Kellogg faculty member Guy Aridor

What is the last book you read, and did you enjoy it?

“Ministry of the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s a climate fiction book that follows an institution responsible for advocating for the future generations of the world as climate change intensifies its effects throughout the world. I enjoyed it a lot — I think it’s an interesting and important book that I read during the summer’s heatwaves, and as a result, it made me think a lot about how the world may shift in the coming years. It also made me think professionally about how climate issues would shape important issues in other domains — including those I’m interested in for my teaching and research.

What makes a student stand out?

One unique aspect of studying business is that it is immensely practical, but the same problem can take different forms across industries. It is not always immediately obvious that they are the same problem. I think a student who is able to abstract away a little bit and identify the commonalities across industries that make the insights from the classroom directly applicable makes them stand out.

Billy Brady

Assistant Professor, Management & Organizations 

Currently teaching: Fundamentals of Negotiation 

Kellogg faculty member Bill Brady

What inspires your research? 

My research is inspired by the observation that technology is rapidly changing our social world, sometimes faster than our brains can keep up. Some of my research questions include: How do features of technology-mediated social contexts impact the way we interact with others? How can organizations promote positive social interactions when designing digital platforms? 

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I enjoy playing basketball and writing music. Physical and creative outlets are great for work-life balance.


Tom Hagenberg

Assistant Professor, Accounting Information & Management

Currently teaching: Accounting for Management Decision Making

Kellogg faculty member Tom Hagenberg

What is your favorite part about teaching business students?

Their eagerness to learn and provide real value to society.

What inspired your research?

My research agenda is inspired by my time in practice seeing the successes and apparent failures of large-scale regulatory intervention. I was a consultant helping banks and other financial institutions implement wide sweeping regulatory changes and saw firsthand the benefits and costs of such changes. Understanding the economic consequences of regulatory mandate is paramount to the healthy functioning of our capital markets.

Ryan Hill

Assistant Professor, Strategy

Currently teaching: Technology and Innovation Strategy

Kellogg faculty member Ryan Hill

What or who inspired you to teach? Or, what inspired your research?

I am inspired by the ingenuity, work ethic and perseverance of my grandfather. His mother died in childbirth, and he left home to work as a telegraph operator as a teenager. He went on to serve in the Navy in World War II, graduated with a master's degree in electrical engineering and worked as a computer engineer at IBM. He is even listed as an inventor on multiple patents. I think my fascination with science and technology originated from his life experience and career.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Outside of work, I love working with my hands and doing woodworking. My wife and I recently purchased a mid-century home that we renovate on the weekends. I also enjoy skiing, hiking and doing sports and outdoor activities with my two kids.


Jung Min Kim

Assistant Professor, Accounting Information & Management

Currently teaching: Financial Accounting

Kellogg faculty member Jung Min Kim

What or who inspired you to teach?

Inspiration is everywhere. The professors that I met when I was a student certainly gave me a passion for academia and teaching. I also get my inspiration from my colleagues and mentors here at Kellogg, who are always thinking about how best to educate the next generation of business students and teach knowledge that will have an impact on their lives.

What’s one movie or show you will never get sick of watching?

HBO’s Silicon Valley. It’s funny, it’s fresh and there’s satire for sure. And ironically, it makes you think about the importance of a good business person!


Efosa Ojomo

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship

Currently teaching: Entrepreneurship and Market Creation in Emerging Markets

Kellogg faculty member Efosa Ojomo

What makes a student stand out?

Question me. Question yourself. Question existing paradigms. Just ask why. And ask, does it have to be this way? Many of the systems and constructs we have in our mind were created by us—humans. So, just by giving yourself the liberty to ask why and to challenge the status quo, respectfully, students are putting themselves at an advantage to truly change the world for the better for many.

What’s the last book you read, did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

“Thinking in Systems: A Primer,” by Donella H. Meadows. I could not stop taking notes as I read this brilliantly written and simple to understand book about a complex topic. The world—our economies, many organizations, nation states—is an incredibly complex system. By understanding the dynamics of systems, how they change, and what levers to push/pull, we develop a better sense of how the world works. This helps us make better decisions when we find ourselves in difficult situations.

Srini Reddy

Visiting Professor, Marketing

Currently teaching: Marketing in Emerging Markets

Kellogg faculty member Srini Reddy

What do you think makes you unique as a professor?

My involvement with start-ups (some successful and some not so successful) and teaching and consulting on five continents provides a unique and interesting perspective to my research and teaching.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Collecting and cataloguing my Asian art and antique book collection.


Bryan Seegmiller

Assistant Professor, Finance

Currently teaching: Finance I

Kellogg faculty member Bryan Seegmiller

What are you looking forward to most about your first year of teaching?

I owe a debt to many professors who have helped me and invested in me during my educational and professional journey. I think being able to play a similar role on the other end of the student-teacher relationship will be especially rewarding.

What makes a student stand out?

Education is about learning how to think; not about memorizing things because the professor told you to do so. Students who focus on first understanding the “why” behind concepts will find it much easier to recall materials covered in the class. More importantly, they will be able to use the critical thinking skills honed in the classroom to solve unforeseen challenges in the business world and daily life.

Birju Shah

Clinical Professor, Marketing

Teaching Product Management for Technology Companies: An Entrepreneurial Perspective

Kellogg faculty member Birju Shah

What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

This is my pay it forward time. I've worked either as a product manager, founder or product executive at small and large companies for the last 20 years. The students that come through Kellogg are filled with vision, and my job is to make sure they vocalize and follow a process to execute that vision to solve a problem that matters at scale. Since I started lecturing this class in 2017, I've had doctors, lawyers, MBAs, engineers come through and switch to a career in Product Management, start a product or company and successfully fundraise through the deliverables they develop in class. I'm most proud that we are creating a multiplier effect of product empathetic individuals that are creating end-to-end excellent products for their stakeholders.

Who has inspired you?

JFK. JFK to me was a generational leader that took his ideas, set a path to action immediately and laid a generational framework to continue to evolve those ideas as the world, technology and empathy of people caught-up to him.  The sum of all JFK's actions—good and bad—progressed the world on a path of inclusive innovation. One that all of us can continue with the path he laid down.

Ike Silver

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Currently teaching: Marketing Strategy for Growth and Defense

Kellogg faculty member Ike Silver

What Inspires your research?

In the current climate, it often feels like you cannot turn around without finding yourself embroiled in a larger conversation about morality and politics. I am fascinated by how this ubiquitous, morally charged discourse informs consumer decision-making and brand strategy. I am extremely fortunate to study and teach related topics here at Kellogg. In short, my scholarly work draws on consumer research, social psychology and behavioral economics to investigate how conversations about hot-button issues play out and to highlight how these impact firm and individual behavior in the marketplace.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Rock climbing, carpentry, chess, sewing, fishing, tennis, making music; I enjoy a little bit of everything. I'm a bit addicted to the "getting the hang of it" phase that comes when a new hobby starts shifting from feeling impossible to feeling natural and fun. Recently, I've been dabbling with DIY home design and renovation. So far, I'm not getting the hang of it.

Kate Wolin

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship

Currently teaching: New Venture Discovery, and co-lead of the New Venture track of the Zell Fellows program at Kellogg

Kellogg faculty member Kate Wolin

What do you think makes you unique as a professor?

This is my second rodeo as a professor. I started my career as a medical school professor (I actually completed my post doc in preventive medicine at Feinberg) before having my “As Good as it Gets” moment after tenure and leaving to become and entrepreneur and start-up CEO. I enjoyed the ability to bring science into the commercial world as an entrepreneur and didn't think I'd return to academia. The opportunity Kellogg provides is unique in its ability to merge world class science and the application to real world problems.

What is your favorite part about teaching Kellogg students?

I enjoy that the students bring their experiences to Kellogg, and I learn from the students every year. I'm fortunate to spend my time at Kellogg with entrepreneurs and the passion they bring to the problems they are solving is inspiring.