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Empathy matters. That’s the takeaway of a growing body of evidence from research on industries ranging from airlines to technology. Looking at issues from another point of view improves everything from productivity and employee morale to financial performance and customer satisfaction. 

Kellogg is shining a light on the power of empathy by launching the Kabiller Science of Empathy Prize to recognize faculty members leading cutting-edge research on empathy and Kellogg graduates who lead with exceptional empathy or are thought leaders in the field.  

The prize was made possible by David G. Kabiller ’85, ’87 MBA, co-founder and head of business development at global investment management firm AQR. The inaugural winners are Nicole Stephens, Jeanne Brett Chair and professor of management & organizations at Kellogg, and Michael George ’83, ’85 MBA, the recently retired president and CEO of QVC parent company Qurate Retail Inc. 

How Kellogg teaches leadership with empathy

Hear from our alumni and faculty on how the curriculum at Kellogg fosters the critical skill of empathy, and how the Kabiller Science of Empathy Prize is recognizing leading researchers and practitioners.
Kellogg students sitting around a table together having a conversation

This story was originally published in the Fall/Winter ’21 issue of Kellogg magazine. Read our full interview with David Kabiller and the inaugural winners here.