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As the Kellogg community celebrates Black History Month, the Kellogg Black Management Association (BMA) shares the theme they’ve curated for this month’s events and conversations with the greater Kellogg community.

A Message from the BMA:

Historically, Black History Month has focused on monumental Black History events and the s/heroes that pioneered our community through adversity. However, many of these moments acknowledged are often centered around Black trauma. While we intend to honor these critical moments and leaders in our history, we feel there is a need to not only celebrate how we’ve overcome, but also why we’ve been able to overcome, consistently. We attribute this to The Black Effect.

The Black Effect is the Black community’s unique ability to transform our adversity into creativity. The Black Effect acknowledges the outsized impact Black folks have on the world. The Black Effect is our influence that is both quantifiable and exponential. The Black Effect is:

  • A rallying cry: An acknowledgment of the pain of our past and the joy of our presence
  • An expression of pride: A way to celebrate and appreciate Black excellence
  • A call to action: An invitation to identify, share and celebrate Black excellence

This BHM, we will focus on showcasing The Black Effect within our ranks and throughout our community. Thus, we aim to encourage those to see the Black Effect, inspire those to activate their Black Effect, and celebrate those who embody The Black Effect. We welcome the Kellogg community to join us in celebrating The Black Effect and the contributions we’ve made to culture and society because of it.

Below is an overview of all events open to the Kellogg community:

February 14th: Where’s the Love?! Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

  • Location: Gies Plaza
  • Time: 12:15p – 1:15p / 5:15p – 6:15p
  • Details: A fundraising challenge that encourages class sections to show how much love they can spread based on how many commissioned candy grams they buy. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

February 16th: Non-Trivial Trivia

  • Location: Common Areas at local apartment complexes
  • Time: 6:00 – 8:00p
  • Details: A Jeopardy-themed trivia game night centered around Black culture, history, and entertainment. We will host various small group trivia nights across select apartment complexes to create an intimate experience for the Kellogg community to connect, learn, and have fun.

February 17th: Hear My Story

  • Location: White Auditorium
  • Time: 5:15p – 7:00p
  • Details: As an exploration of how and where Black culture is cultivated, we will hold space for BMA 1st years to share their cultural experiences related to our ‘Where Black Culture Resides’ theme.

February 18th: Taste of Soul

  • Location: Gordon Market
  • Time: 5:00p – 6:30p
  • Details: High on The Hog is a Netflix documentary that explains how various American foods find its roots in African/African-American cuisines and traditions. Taste of Soul aims to highlight and share this experience at TG by providing the foods High on The Hog highlights.

February 19th: 90’s Party

  • Location: Park West
  • Time: 8:00p – 12:00a
  • Details: Kellogg’s annual 90s Party centered around Black music from the 90s. Come dance the night away as the Bands take us on a trip back in time as we cap off Black History Week.

March 5th: Night at The Apollo

  • Location: Gallery Guichard
  • Time: 7:30p – 11:00p
  • Details: A celebration of our influence on culture by showcasing our talent, music, art, and food. The upscale evening will feature a night of live jazz music, performers, dancing, and local Black entrepreneurs.

The Black Effect Forum

  • Date, Time and Location will be updated later
  • Details: An evening celebrating the Black community’s Black Effect. We’ll introduce what it is/why it exists, host a fireside chat with an esteemed trailblazer, and conclude with the Black Effect awards.

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