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To commemorate Veterans Day this year, we will be amplifying the diverse voices and experiences of the Veterans within our community. Here is Sasha Sibilla (2Y, 2022), VP of Marketing for Kellogg’s Full-Time Women’s Business Association.

By Sasha Sibilla (2Y, 2022)

Closing the chapter of my Naval career and starting a new one at Kellogg was a daunting but incredibly exciting transition. Between growing up in a military family, enrolling in Navy ROTC at the University of Virginia, and then serving on ships after college, the Navy had become a big part of my identity.

During my last Naval assignment, I led a disaster relief preparedness mission in East Timor where I managed a wide variety of teams, from engineering to healthcare. As a ship driver, this was a unique and rare opportunity. Through this experience, I gained an appreciation for and an interest in the medical field. I enjoyed working in the clinics, organizing healthcare trainings, and supporting our providers so they could offer the best care to the locals. Every day I witnessed the positive impact our organization was having on patients; I found this to be incredibly rewarding. I learned how essential healthy business and a growing economy can drive change, provide opportunities, and better people’s lives. This helped me realize that I wanted to work at the intersection of business and healthcare, and it is what ultimately led me to pursue an MBA.

Diving deeper into healthcare at Kellogg

At Kellogg, I have the resources and opportunities to accomplish what I set out to do: learn the business fundamentals and dive deep into healthcare. While not a typical industry for veterans to join, I am energized by the innovation and growth of the healthcare industry. Classes such as Biomedical Marketing with Professor Tim Calkins, the Healthcare Strategy Consulting Lab with Professor Paul Campbell, the annual Kellogg Business of Healthcare Conference, and the Healthcare At Kellogg (HCAK) speaker series led by Professor Craig Garthwaite are just few of the many incredible opportunities I’ve taken advantage of while at Kellogg.

My fiancé (also a Kellogg Student and Navy Veteran) and I were drawn to Kellogg for many reasons. The  collaborative, “pay it forward” culture were a big part of our decision. Every Kellogg interaction we had was incredibly positive: students were friendly, open, and willing to take time to chat or review our resumes. The rich academic environment and world-renowned faculty that prepared students to successfully change careers in all industries were also important factors. When decision day came, we knew Kellogg would be the ideal place for us to learn the business fundamentals, gain exposure to different industries and functions, and build a network with people from diverse backgrounds but similar values. While I am incredibly grateful for the people I met in the military, the leadership and experiences, and the opportunity to serve my country, there is no place I’d rather be right now than Kellogg.