Healthcare at Kellogg

The Kellogg approach to healthcare management

The Kellogg School of Management is proud to offer an MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management. It’s based on the crucial understanding that healthcare in the United States is, at its core, a business.

Our innovative Program on Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK), was purposefully designed to build upon this powerful reality by offering an MBA that specializes in courses at the intersection of business and policy. Central to this objective is offering a cutting-edge curriculum to help our students identify the intricacies of the public-private nature of healthcare.

Led by our renowned faculty and thought leaders, HCAK gives students a deep understanding of the regulatory, cultural and moral dimensions of healthcare, as well as the intricacies of product manufacturers, insurers and provider responsibilities. Regardless of prior background, students who choose Kellogg will become the next generation of industry leaders who have the ability to deliver meaningful business results.

Upcoming Events

Business of Healthcare Conference
January 26, 2019, Global Hub

16th Annual Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition
January 26, 2019, Global Hub

36th Annual MacEachern Symposium
April 5, 2019, Global Hub

Master the business of healthcare

Healthcare at Kellogg combines foundational theories with hands-on experiential learning. A key strength of the program is our cross-disciplinary curriculum coupled with a distinct emphasis on the public-private nature of healthcare today.

Academics & Student Experience

We empower students to become the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Faculty & Thought Leadership

Our faculty are renown experts at the intersection of healthcare, business and policy.

Executive Partnerships

Kellogg partners with healthcare industry leaders to maximize program opportunities and establish new insights.

Healthcare in the News

Continuing Problem of Health-Care Consolidation is Leading to Higher Costs for Patients

Professor David Dranove explores how less competitive healthcare markets — dominated by large hospital systems — correlate to higher healthcare costs and higher insurance premiums.

Why a Study on Opioids Ignited a Twitter Firestorm

Professor Craig Garthwaite discusses the Twitter firestorm created by a study on overdose-reversal drugs, how these studies are conducted and their potential shortcomings.

Health Insurer Cigna to Pay $67 Billion for Express Scripts

Professor Craig Garthwaite weighs in on the potential Cigna acquisition of Express Scripts, and why it could be good for customers in the long run.