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The Kellogg approach to healthcare management

The Kellogg School of Management is proud to offer an MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management and economics. Kellogg’s strong experience in general management education, combined with our deep expertise in the biopharmaceutical market, private equity and the reorganization of the healthcare value chain, allows our students to benefit from MBA healthcare programming that provides the foundation for long term success as a healthcare leader.

Kellogg’s innovative Program on Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) traces its roots to its founding in 1943 as the first program focusing on the business of health. Since that time, the program has educated healthcare business leaders in all facets of healthcare. Led by Professor Craig Garthwaite, Director of HCAK and healthcare economist, this robust program combines strengths in faculty thought leadership, partnerships, and curriculum to prepare our students interested in healthcare in building their appeal on a growing job market.

Central to the program is a constantly evolving curriculum that combines Kellogg’s foundational management training with innovative healthcare courses taught by leading academics and practitioners. This curriculum is paired with innovative programming the exposes students to business leaders, authors, and journalists that provide unique insights into this changing market.

Students, with and without a healthcare background, leave Kellogg prepared to navigate an increasingly complex set of interconnected stakeholders, including providers, biopharmaceutical firms, health insurers, government agencies, technology startups, venture capital firms and potentially disruptive entrants from outside of the sector.

Interview with Kent Hawryluk
Professor Garthwaite talks with Kent Hawryluk '07 about the future of the biopharmaceutical sector and creation of Hawryluk Biopharmaceutical Scholars Program.

Upcoming Events

38th Annual Maceachern Symposium
May 12th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm, Alumni/Student Networking Event and Panel Discussion, MATTER, Chicago, Illinois
May 13th 9:00am -4:00pm, MacEachern Symposium, Kellogg Global Hub, Evanston Illinois

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Master the business of healthcare

Healthcare at Kellogg combines foundational theories with hands-on experiential learning. A key strength of the program is our cross-disciplinary curriculum coupled with a distinct emphasis on the public-private nature of healthcare today.

Academics & Student Experience

We empower students to become the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Faculty & Thought Leadership

Our faculty are renown experts at the intersection of healthcare, business and policy.

Executive Partnerships

Kellogg partners with healthcare industry leaders to maximize program opportunities and establish new insights.

Healthcare in the News

Can Kellogg Be The Top Healthcare B-School? This Deep-Pocketed Alum Thinks So

Kent Hawryluk gifted Northeastern Kellogg $3M to start a new scholarship: The Hawryluk Biopharmaceutical Scholars Endowed Fund.

Medicare Must Study Unproven, Expensive Alzheimer’s Drug

Article by Professor Craig Garthwaite argues that Medicare shouldn’t simply cover a the new Alzheimer’s treatment without evaluating it first, and understanding if paying for it stands to help its users.

Taking ‘Extraordinary Measures,’ Biden Backs Suspending Patents on Vaccines

Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite who discusses the recent waiving of intellectual property protections for American Covid-19 vaccines. (NYTimes)