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When Nick Boyd (2Y 2022) was seeking internship opportunities this summer, he knew he wanted to work for an organization that was making a positive impact around the world but also offered an empowering, collaborative culture. Through networking with his Kellogg peers and leveraging Kellogg’s Career Management Center (CMC) , he found just what he was looking for.

Tell us about your professional journey leading up to Kellogg.

Prior to Kellogg, I spent four years at Google, primarily in their New York City HQ. During my time at Google, I worked in a variety of roles and teams, including sales and growth marketing positions.

Where did you work this summer and what did you focus on?

This summer, I was thrilled that I worked at Intuit as a Product Marketing Manager. I was drawn to Intuit for a variety of reasons. When I arrived at Kellogg last fall, I was immediately struck by the positive reputation Intuit carries among the student body as a great place to work. Former interns (second year students in the two-year program) raved about their experience at Intuit and described a collaborative and empowering culture.

I was inspired to begin my own research into opportunities with Intuit and signed up for a virtual coffee chat through the Kellogg’s CMC. My interaction with Intuit’s employees during this networking event affirmed my desire to find a position with Intuit for the summer. The Intuit employees were open, friendly, and described an internship experience where interns are trusted to do real, meaningful work for the organization. Additionally, Intuit’s mission to “Power prosperity around the world” resonated with me. I immediately understood that Intuit was a place where I could grow personally, while also having a positive impact on the lives of Intuit’s customers.

What was the recruitment process like for this internship?

The recruitment process was enjoyable and allowed candidates to put their best foot forward. Intuit’s university recruiting team partnered with the Kellogg CMC to set up interviews. The application was a simple resume and cover letter submission through the CMC platform. Once selected for an interview, I was given a case in advance of my interview date. During the interview, I met with two Intuit employees and walked through my background, as well as my thoughts on the case. Unlike other traditional interview processes, I felt the Inuit method allowed candidates to show what they can do rather than simply talk about what they have already done.

At the start of my summer with Intuit, I was given a real marketing project on a priority business. I was charged with researching the problem and generating my own recommendations to share with senior leadership at the end of the summer. Over the course of my internship, I was able to meet with leaders from across the organization to learn about their careers and leverage their expertise in collaborating on my project.

What drew you to Intuit?

My summer at Intuit greatly exceeded my already-high expectations. Intuit’s mission shines through in all the work they do. Whether it be marketing, sales, or finance, all teams at Inuit are truly dedicated to powering the prosperity of its users. Working in such a mission-driven organization allows employees and interns to do their best work because it is easy to see the larger purpose in everything we do. Lastly, Intuit is truly a place where you can bring your full self to work. It is a welcoming and supportive culture, where employees are afforded both autonomy and mentorship.  If you are given the chance to experience Intuit for yourself, I highly encourage you to take it.