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by Diane Patrick, Admissions Manager for the Evening & Weekend MBA Program

It probably comes as no surprise that our Evening & Weekend students are some of the best planners we’ve ever met, maintaining an ordered schedule of work, study and co-curricular experiences like trips and student clubs. It should also be no surprise, then, that many of our applicants knew what they wanted to do early on, and studied a business-related field as undergraduates. It was with them in mind that Kellogg developed our Accelerated Option within the Evening & Weekend Program years ago. Simply put, this option can help you earn your MBA faster and save you money during our part-time program. It’s designed for those of you who have completed requisite business courses, and allows you to start taking advanced electives sooner.

Here’s the news: We have expanded the option to include those who have taken at least 2 of the 4 core courses (Statistics, Operations, Marketing, Microeconomics) in undergraduate or graduate school, received a B or better, and completed them within the last 10 years. Please note, online courses are not accepted, and courses must be from an accredited institution.

Read on to hear from students themselves, and click the link at the bottom of the post to see if you qualify.

Kellogg students share why the Accelerated Option was the right choice for them:

“When it came time to make my decision, I was seriously considering offers from three top MBA programs which varied in terms of their scholarship offers. I considered a range of factors but when it came down to the ROI of each opportunity, it was clear that the Accelerated Option at Kellogg was the best choice. The time savings from the program allowed me to expedite my anticipated career pivot & also gave me the opportunity to maximize my time in electives, rather than core courses in areas that I had already studied. I was anxious that the AO option would mean less in-class time with my cohort since I wasn’t in all the same core courses but that has absolutely not been my experience. Highly recommend the Accelerated Option for anyone looking to expedite their MBA plans with a great ROI while working part time!”

-Clare Wittenberg, E&W 2021

“The AO track is a great program as it accelerates my pace and enables me to jump right into the more in-depth courses. It is almost like a tailored program for business majored candidates and is effective and efficient for both time and financing.”

-Mia Fan, E&W 2021

“Financial stability was a major driver looking into a part time program. I wanted to attend an elite business school and not overextend myself. It will allow me to achieve a greater ROI on this investment in my future. I didn’t want to put my career on hold to attend business school. With the AO path, I’ll be able to complete my degree in two years. Which is plenty of time to build lasting relationships with my classmates, take interesting classes and utilize Kellogg career services to help plan my next steps. I studied finance as an undergrad and had already taken a number of core business classes. The Accelerated Option allows me to bypass some core classes I’ve already performed well in to take more advanced classwork. I now have the opportunity to continue my focus in finance and branch out in other areas of interest such as strategy and data analytics. I was offered a competitive scholarship by another M7 school. I wanted to attend Kellogg all along but this cost savings made it even easier make a decision.”

-Andrew Roussos, E&W 2021

“With the AO option, I was able to waive off 4.5 credits from my coursework because I had already finished operations and statistics courses in my previous master’s coursework. Since I had applied to Kellogg in less than 10 years from  this previous coursework, it was fairly straightforward to get these courses waived off. However I needed one more core course under my belt in order to qualify for the Accelerated Option at Kellogg. So, prior to applying at Kellogg, I enrolled into and finished a course on economics in another university. Due to this, I immediately became eligible for the Accelerated Option when I applied to Kellogg. Getting into Kellogg AO did offset the ~$28K scholarship that I had received from another renowned business school.”

-Rashmi Babtiwale, E&W 2020

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