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Northwestern University’s dual-degree MMM Program equips future business leaders to drive the entire innovation life cycle of a product or service. In just two years, students can gain a rigorous management education at Kellogg and build a solid foundation in design innovation and technology at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, one of the country’s leading engineering schools.

Current student Shriansh Shrivastava ’16 talks about his experience as a MMM since beginning his program in June.

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As a 2016 MMM candidate, this is my first quarter at Kellogg and things are quite new. Kellogg’s MMM program is the two-year MBA program with a super-cool design innovation add-on.

What this means is that along with the MBA core curriculum, MMMs also have some pretty nifty design innovation stuff to work with – courses have the little exciting tweaks that make them design-focused and we get to use the engineering facilities and shop floor in the Ford Center at Northwestern.

Along with exciting courses, we have group assignments and projects. (Side note: you know Kellogg’s rep for having a ‘team-based’ environment? 100 percent true, and then some! I think that at this point I’ve worked more in teams than individually.) Basically, MMM academics in the summer term = awesome courses, facilities to explore and tons of group work.

And then there are the socials – there have been more ‘know your classmates’ events than I can remember. Every other day the MMM gang meets up after hours – sports, dinners, chilling at someone’s house or hitting the local watering hole. The social reps do a good job of finding niche and fun activities (karaoke!) for everyone to get involved with.

And then there are quizzes, homework and class prep to wade through. What this all results in is astonishingly scarce free time. Between classes, team meetings, socials, activities and (maybe) sleep, there’s hardly any ‘null’ time left!

So if you’re reading this and are planning to attend business school, here’s my advice: cherish your free time. Adore it. Take it to dinner. Because once you’re at Kellogg, you’ll be having too much fun and learning too much to notice that this old friend of yours is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Shriansh Shrivastava ’16 (@Shriansh) grew up in India, spent 10 years in the UK (undergrad + an awesome job working with unreleased cellphones +  then worked on a mental health suicide prevention project – using smartphones, of course), and finally spent a year in Canada working for an ATM software company (Learning a lot! At this stage, I can pretty much dismantle any ATM).