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KWEST Canary Islands before we leave
Christopher Alexander with his KWEST group before leaving for the Canary Islands.

This is part four in a six part series. See part onepart twopart three, part fivepart six.

As I was making my decision to attend Kellogg, I asked myself six questions to determine whether it was the right place for me. Here is the fourth:

Are we global and diverse in our experiences and our people?

It wasn’t only important to find schools where I can hear global perspectives from my classmates, it was also important for me to develop my own perspective. This was found in the cases and experiences professors brought to class, and the experiences Kellogg makes available to its students. Through Kellogg I’ve been to a host of places and had life changing experiences on trips like KWEST Mystery or Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) South America.

Christopher Alexander on exchange with the group from Morehouse that came to visit in Barcelona at ESADE.

It was when I was away for winter quarter on exchange at ESADE where I truly realized the opportunity afforded to me. My alma mater, Morehouse College had their Annual Global Spring Tour in Barcelona, 20 juniors and seniors were present. The professors attending reached out and contacted me, and we worked together to host them at ESADE with the other students from Kellogg. At this moment, I realized the privilege and opportunity provided to me, and that it was my Kellogg experience that the students were interested in understanding. This type of opportunity is necessary if you want to become a global leader or simply to understand the global perspective and landscape.

Christopher Alexander ’14 is a 2008 graduate of Morehouse College and is in his second year of the 2Y MBA Program at Kellogg. His focus is on the Marketing and Management and Organizations curriculum. After graduation Chris will be heading back to Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy and Operations group. He will be based in Seattle, along with his fiancé and Kellogg classmate Jessica Lane ’14. Chris is very active on Kellogg’s campus, primarily as outgoing co-president of the Black Management Association, an admissions interviewer and a member of the class gift committee. Chris originally hails from Roxbury, NJ.