Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)

A cornerstone of the Kellogg School's international curriculum is the Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) program. GIM began in 1990 when a group of 27 students organized a course and a two-week trip to what was then the Soviet Union. Since then, the program has expanded greatly, covering five continents and hundreds of international destinations. Today, 250 students participate annually in the program, which offers courses to Kellogg's full-time and part-time programs.

GIM Brazil 2014
GIM Latin America 2014 Plenary Meeting with Natura in Saõ Paulo

GIM Basics

The GIM program is an intensive global business course, designed around the following objectives:

GIM allows students to:
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the economic, political, social, and culture characteristics of a country or region outside the United States
  • Learn about key business trends, norms, challenges, and successes in a country or region outside the United States
  • Conduct international business research on a topic of interest
  • Further develop teamwork and leadership skills 

The GIM experience is divided into two sections---in-class and in-country:

In-Class Portion:

  • Timing: GIM is offered as a Winter B/Spring A elective class for full-time and part-time students and as a summer course for part-time students. The Summer Part-Time course meets for 8 out of the 10 weeks during Summer Quarter and one time during the Fall Quarter for students to share and receive feedback on their research findings.
 Winter B (Feb. 9-Mar. 12)
  •  Academic course focused on broad overview of country or region (or topic within country or region)
 GIM Trip (Mar. 16-28)
  •  All-class company meetings
  • Group project company meetings
  • Cultural activities
  • Free time
 Spring A (Mar. 30-April 30)
  • Academic course
  • Research presentations

  • Major Deliverable: Students work in groups of four - five to design a business plan, research question, industry analysis, or business case around a business topic of interest (see examples below) relating to all countries being studied.

 Examples of GIM 2014 Student Projects
 Maintaining Venti Profits in Japan: Starbucks Strategy to Defend the Premium Coffee Category
 Ikea in India
 Mobile Banking in East Africa
 E-Commerce in China: Trends, Competitive Analysis, and Recommendations for B2C

In-Country Portion:

  • Timing: Over spring break, all GIM classes will spend up to twelve days in-country. All GIM trips will depart either late Sunday night, March 15th or Monday, March 16th. Therefore, all GIM students must finish their early exams on Sunday, March 15th. 
  • Planning: The planning for the in-country experience is primarily done by the GIM student leaders, under the supervision of the GIM advisor.
  • Schedule: In-country time is primarily devoted to business and culture, with free time for the students primarily in the evenings and during the weekends. The class will meet with government officials and business and industry leaders as a group (called “plenary meetings”; see examples below), while the group project teams will work to set up their own meetings and conduct first-hand research with key stakeholders in country.
Examples of GIM 2014 Plenary Sessions
China/Mongolia: P&G Plant, Beijing; Baidu, Beijing; Shanghai Disney Resort; Alibaba Group, Hangzhou; Mongolian Mining Corporation, Ulan Bator; Rio Tinto, Ulan Bator; US Embassy, Ulan Bator; Gobi Cashmere, Ulan Bator
Japan/Korea: Doosan, Seoul; Samsung Electronics, Seoul; Hyundai Motors, Seoul; Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Pusan; Rakuten, Inc., Tokyo; Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Toyko; Toyota Motor Corporation, Tokyo
 India/Nepal: President of India, New Delhi; U.S. Commercial Service, New Delhi; Yum! India, New Delhi; Wendt India, Bangalore; Infosys, Bangalore; Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai; Godrej Consumer Products, Mumbai
 Southeast Asia: Astra, Jakarta; Land Public Commission, Kuala Lumpur; Petronas, Kuala Lumpur; Pratt & Whitney/Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd, Singapore; DFS Group, Singapore
 East Africa: President of Rwanda, Kigali; Minister of Education, Kigali; U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda, Kigali; One Acre Fund, Kigali; Chemi-Cotex, Dar es Salaam; GE Africa, Dar es Salaam; Riley Packaging (Mara Group), Kampala
 Latin America: American Movil, Mexico City; Coca Cola FEMSA, Mexico City; Natura, Sao Paulo; Secretary and Treasury and Economy of Sao Paulo State; Ozires Silva (Founder of Embraer), Sao Paulo; Odebrecht, Sao Paulo; Ambev (Ab Inbev), Sao Paulo; Peter Rodenbeck (Outback Steakhouse), Sao Paulo

To learn more about the 2015 GIM program, please click on the tabs to the left. Also, feel free to contact the Global Programs office:

Christine Dunn
GIM Program Manager

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Director, Global Study Programs

GIM China 2014
GIM China 2013