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Students on one of Kellogg’s Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) trips met and talked with Rwanda President Paul Kagame yesterday. Kagame told the students:

“Some believe there is one part of the world that specializes in democracy and another that knows nothing about it. Democracy cannot just be fancy words. It must be based on giving people the capacity to fully participate in creating an environment that ensures human dignity. It is about respecting who people want to be and not what others feel for or about them.”

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About Global Initiatives in Management (GIM): A cornerstone of Kellogg’s international curriculum is the GIM program. GIM began in 1990 when a group of 27 students organized a course and a two-week trip to what was then the Soviet Union. Since then, the program has expanded greatly, covering five continents and hundreds of international destinations. Today, 250 students participate annually in the program, which offers courses to Kellogg’s full-time and part-time programs.