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“Um, excuse me….Professor Mazzeo?  Could I ask you a bit of a strange question?  Who makes your pants????”  Yes, this is the very same Professor who was the lucky recipient of the cowbell.  With Fashion Weeks wrapping up in the major cities of the world and having just received the Vogue Spring edition in the mail (hey, you can’t just read “The Economist” and “Managerial Accounting” all the time), my mind has turned to fashion.  As a management consultant who specializes in retail, I like to think of this as “market research” in an effort to stay relevant to our clients.  However, in reality, I’ve been more of a big box/automotive after parts/home improvement retailing kind of girl.  I dream of one day working with a client where khakis are not part of the uniform.

And  it’s true… Professor Mazzeo does wear some great pants, even if he has decided not to sport the cowbell.  I first noted them about a month ago – conservative black numbers with understated, yet colorful patterned tie silk lining the side pockets.  I promise I was paying attention to the lecture on competitive advantage and vertical integration.  Turns out, Prof. Mazzeo’s pants are made by Bonobos, a label founded by some Stanford Business School Students.

So, as a prospective student, you might be wondering what does one wear to class????  I recall packing for my first live-in week last year….  Are the classrooms warm?  Cold?  Are we going to go out at night?  The answer to all of those…yes.  I did what any reasonable woman would do who has previously purchased a ridiculously expensive pair of famous red-soled shoes that she can barely walk in because they are so high….and packed them.  In fact, I’ve found that the carpeted floors of the Allen Center are a great place to get practical use out of many impractical shoe purchases.

Rogelio Gonzalez of Mars and our M&M Lady.... Rogelio, compliments of Mars, fills her with different types of chocolate each week.

In all seriousness (though I seriously did pack and wear the shoes), in the halls of the Allen Center you’ll find a wide array of clothing choices.  Ranging anywhere from Peter Kim’s old-school New Balances, Father Peter (a Roman Catholic priest in EMP 90) rocking his priest’s collar….and a Lacoste pullover (I like to call him “The Preppy Priest”)…. And our sassy M&M lady wearing her brown shell, compliments of EMP’er Rogelio Gonzalez of Mars, who stocks her with different Mars treats each class weekend.  However, after a long weekend of studying and perhaps a late night at our very own “Late Lounge,” on Sundays the ubiquitous Kellogg Hoodie appears to reign supreme.