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Kathleen Hagerty named interim dean

Kathleen Hagerty named interim dean

Senior associate dean to lead business school as search for permanent dean continues

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Jim Skinner

A golden opportunity

02/25/09 – McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner shares the keys to global brand-building at Chicago Centennial event

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Part-Time students won a recent case competition

Fresh thinking for a classic

02/25/09 – Kellogg Part-Time students take top prize at Coca-Cola Channel Reinvention Case Competition

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Gwen Ifill

Capitalizing on ‘an amazing moment’

02/23/09 – With an African-American in the Oval Office, business leaders at the Kellogg Black Management Association look ahead to opportunity and change

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Sylvia Nasar

A defensive strategy

02/23/09 – If globalization and financial crises ‘go together like baseball and steroids,’ how can the global economy protect itself from disaster? Bestselling author Sylvia Nasar proposes an answer

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Aylwin Lewis

Serving up values and authenticity

02/18/09 – Potbelly Sandwich Works CEO Aylwin Lewis tells students to ‘bring your whole self to work’

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Sara Yang Bosco

Staking a claim in China

02/17/09 – Strategies for winning in the Far Eastern market are explored at the Kellogg Greater China Business Conference

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Economist and Professor Sylvia Nasar to Appear at the Kellogg School of Management

02/17/09 – Former economics reporter to address the global economy

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Private Equity conference 2009

Gone but not lost

02/13/09 – The glory days may be over for private equity and venture capital investors. But that doesn’t mean the industry is a done deal

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Professor Daniel Diermeier

Thriving in a world of risk and change

02/13/09 – Centennial conference in Zurich focuses on leadership in a turbulent business environment

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Professor Camelia Kuhnen

Born to gamble?

02/11/09 – A new study by Assistant Finance Professor Camelia M. Kuhnen suggests a genetic basis for risky financial behavior

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John Meacham

Bridging the political divide

02/05/09 – Newsweek editor Jon Meacham says Obama has a chance to temper the culture wars

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Victory for the home team

02/04/09 – Students from the Kellogg Part-Time MBA program take first prize at this year’s Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition

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Bill Weldon

The importance of being earnest

02/02/09 – ‘Good guys finish first,’ says CEO Bill Weldon in his candid lecture about the values of Johnson & Johnson

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Prof. Calkins and Prof. Rucker at the Super Bowl Advertising Review

Kellogg School of Management ranks best, SoBe worst in Super Bowl XLIII

02/02/09 – Panel notes that value messages, competitive claims reflect economic pressure

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‘A trust crisis’

01/27/09 – As the economic crisis deepens, Professor Paola Sapienza's 'Financial Trust Index' measures the loss of confidence in financial institutions

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2009 Marketing Conference

Rules of engagement

01/26/09 – Experts at the Kellogg Marketing Conference explain that there’s a right way -- and a very wrong way -- to engage with consumers during these economic times

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Alumni real estate panel

Holding pattern

01/26/09 – Kellogg alumni assess the impasse in the real estate industry

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Kellogg School of Management Faculty and MBA Students To Lead Fifth Annual Super Bowl Advertising Review

01/26/09 – How will advertisers perform during economic hardship? Results available immediately following the game

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‘Take the risk, take time to experiment’

01/22/09 – Graduates discuss the latest in ‘customer-centric innovation’ at Kellogg Centennial conference in Miami

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Barack Obama

Change leadership

01/19/09 – Kellogg School professors weigh in on the management lessons awaiting President Barack Obama

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