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With access to resources, tools, mentors, faculty and more, Kellogg entrepreneurs are able to build, incubate, launch, grow and scale their startups while completing their MBA. Learn more about a few of the startups that have been launched or scaled by recent Kellogg School graduates.

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The startups built and scaled by students at Kellogg cover a broad range of industries – from medical innovation, energy and sustainability, business-to-consumer, business-to-business and social impact, our students are tackling real-world problems with scalable solutions.
Beacon Power Services Logo

Beacon Power Services

2009 / Nigeria

Beacon Power Services is revolutionizing energy options for Nigerian businesses.

Bimbola Adisa ’04


Bespoke Post


Bespoke Post is a lifestyle subscription club for men. We scour the world for fresh and interesting products from the world’s best brands. Each month we create a themed box that introduces our members to a new way of thinking. In previous months, we’ve created aged cocktail kits, gentleman’s shave sets, home coffee kits, and more. We provide product and brand discovery to a demographic that hates to shop, but wants to know the best.

Stephen Szaronos ’11

Consumer Products
Better Weekdays Logo

Better Weekdays


Better Weekdays is an all-in-one SaaS career management platform that enables university career centers to provide a holistic career management experience to students and graduates. Better Weekdays enables companies to provide an inbound recruiting experience to relevant passive and active job candidates for effective talent attraction, engagement, hiring and retention.

Chris Motley ’11

Business Products
BLUE 1647 Logo



BLUE|1647 is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center focused on people development (classes, workshops and events around technology), workforce development (youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs), and business acceleration (shared co-working services). BLUE|1647 supports all forms of entrepreneurship from events, filmmakers, artists, engineers and designers. BLUE|1647 has locations in South Chicago, Ill., St. Louis, Mo., Compton, Calif., and Gary, Ind.

Emile Cambry ’08

Social Impact
Brideside Logo



Drama-free bridesmaid dress shopping, Brideside is an online inspiration and shopping platform that enables users to find and purchase bridesmaid dresses.

Sonali Lamba ’12 and Nicole Staple ’12

Consumer Products
Claro Energy Logo

Claro Energy

2011 / India

Claro Energy aims to make water affordable and readily available for farmers and rural communities of India. Claro Energy operates in high power deficit, diesel dependent, agrarian and poor economic regions of India using solar energy for developing mass irrigation solutions to generate power at the point of use. Our solar pumping solutions bring meaningful impact across stakeholders.

Kartik Wahi ’10

Drivemode Logo



Drivemode is focused on making technology safer and easier to use in the car, starting with the smartphone. The Drivemode app transforms your phone into a car’s central computing device. Our “no look” interface allows you to focus on the road ahead, not your phone, while accessing music, navigation, calls, texts and more. The beauty of Drivemode is that it works in any car, eliminating the need for a pricey upgrade, and it is free.

Jeff Standard ’13

Consumer Products
EatPak'd Logo



EatPak’d provides fresh customized lunches delivered directly to families’ homes, eliminating the daily stress of making and packing lunch. Our proprietary (and patent-pending) packaging solutions allow kids to mix-and-match each component of our lunches, building their favorite lunch online or at home. The packing is fresh-sealed and allows for broad-scale distribution via ground shipping.

Nathan Cooper ’17 (Zell Fellow) and Rebecca Sholiton ’16 (Zell Fellow)

Consumer Products Zell
Fieldglass Logo



Fieldglass provides SaaS-based solutions that help firms procure and manage contingent workers, services, independent contractors and more.

Jai Shekhawat ’96

Business Products
FlyHomes Logo



FlyHomes is a full-service real estate brokerage designed for home buyers that prefer a self-service online experience. FlyHomes is transforming the real estate brokerage industry by making the process transparent, straight-forward and fun. Buyers can search for their next home, tag favorites, schedule tours and plan offers.

Stephen Lane ’16 (Zell Fellow, Pritzker Group Venture Fellow) and Tushar Garg ’16 (Zell Fellow)

Consumer Products Pritzker,Zell
FourKites Logo



FourKites is on a mission to reshape the logistics industry into one that is defined by transparency and efficiency. By providing the most accurate, real-time information, FourKites empowers customers to make proactive business decisions.

Mathew Elenjickal ’14 (Zell Fellow)

Business Products Zell
Fresh Coast Capital Logo

Fresh Coast Capital


Fresh Coast Capital is an impact investment firm dedicated to revitalizing urban communities through innovative investment solutions. Through a strategy of planting hybrid poplar tree farms, Fresh Coast Capital can provide a sustainable land management solution to municipalities, land banks, developers, private industry and landowners across the country.

Nicole Chavas ’15 (Youn Impact Scholar), Laura Brenner Kimes ’15 (Youn Impact Scholar), and April Mendez

Social Impact Youn
GTrans Logo



Using technology invented in a Northwestern University chemistry lab, GTrans is developing a thermally responsive separator that will increase the safety of Li-ion batteries. These batteries, which are prone to explosions, are being used increasingly in consumer electronics, electric vehicles and grid storage. The new separator can reduce the explosion risk.

Durgendra Singh ’16 and Adithya Mohanakrishnan ’16

HotelTonight Logo



HotelTonight is an on-demand mobile hotel booking app. Founded in 2010, HotelTonight is the first hotel booking application that is made for mobile from the ground up. The app offers some of the best pricing for last-minute hotel deals booked up to seven days in advance, making it ideal for business and leisure travelers and locals alike.

Sam Shank ’04 and Jared Simon ’02

Business Products
Innoblative Logo



Making breast cancer treatment faster, safer, more convenient and less expensive, Innoblative has designed an ablation probe that will allow surgeons to perform an intra-operative procedure that destroys residual cancer cells in minutes instead of weeks, does not require dangerous ionizing radiation, and dramatically reduces treatment costs as compared to conventional therapy.

Jason Sandler ’15 (Zell Fellow) and Tyler Wanke ’15 (Zell Fellow)

Life Sciences Zell
Kheyti Logo


2015 / India

Kheyti is a social enterprise working to bring income certainty to smallholder farmers in India through its innovative “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” (GIB), an affordable, modular greenhouse bundled with services. The GIB fits in 2 percent of a small farmer’s land, uses 90 percent less water and protects crops from environmental risks, helping farmers earn a steady, dependable income of $100 per month. Along with the greenhouse, Kheyti offers farmers input, financing, advisory and market linkage services to ensure a seamless path out of poverty.

Saumya ’17 (Zell Fellow, Youn Impact Scholar)

Social Impact Zell,Youn

Leonard & Church


Leonard & Church partners directly with leading leather and watch manufacturers to deliver high quality products — without the traditional industry middlemen and markups. Since launching on Kickstarter, the brand has served thousands of customers across over 60 different countries.

Chris Chon ’14 (Zell Fellow)

Consumer Products Zell
MeterGenius Logo



MeterGenius provides a self-branded customer portal, fully equipped with energy management tools, smart appliance connectivity and the only program that rewards customers depending on what time of day they use their electricity.

Ty Benefiel ’14 (Zell Fellow)

Green Zell
New Hope Ecotech Logo

New Hope Ecotech

2015 / Brazil

New Hope Ecotech is a technology solution that leverages the informal recycling flow to create a formal pathway for Brazilian manufacturers to fulfill their government mandate in an economic, transparent and inclusive way. Increasing the urban poor’s income and decreasing manufacturers’ economic costs can transform Brazil’s recycling future into an industry of hope.

Luciana Silva de Oliveira ’15 (Zell Fellow) and Thiago Ascencao Carvaho Pinto ’15 (Youn Impact Scholar)

Social Impact Zell,Youn
NuMat Technologies Logo

NuMat Technologies


NuMat Technologies is a materials technology company committed to enabling fundamental performance shifts in the gas storage and separations industries. Composed of faculty and alumni from Northwestern University, NuMat tailor-designs nanoporous materials – specifically metal organic frameworks – for high-value applications, which critically depend on material performance.

Benjamin Hernandez ’13

One Acre Fund Logo

One Acre Fund

2006 / Kenya

One Acre Fund supplies smallholder farmers with the financing and training they need to grow their way out of hunger and poverty. Instead of giving handouts, we invest in farmers to generate a permanent gain in farm income. We supply complete service bundle of seeds and fertilizer, financing, training, and market facilitation – and we deliver these services within walking distance of the 400,000 rural farmers we serve. We measure our success in our ability to make farmers more prosperous and we always put farmers first.

Andrew Youn ’06 (Youn Impact Scholar)

Social Impact Youn
Opticent Health Logo

Opticent Health


By combining advanced imaging with high-resolution nano-fabrication techniques developed at Northwestern University, Opticent Health aims to push the envelope of possibilities for individualized health care delivery. Among Opticent Health’s products includes the development of a customizable 3D-printed ophthalmic implant capable of real-time monitoring of diseases such as glaucoma or diabetes.

Kieren Patel ’16 (Zell Fellow)

Life Sciences Zell
Page Vault Logo

Page Vault


Page Vault enables lawyers to easily and securely capture web content for future use as evidence. Its intuitive, cloud-based solution complies with established collection protocols to greatly simplify admission into U.S. courts.

Jeffrey Eschbach ’14 (Pritzker Group Venture Fellow)

Business Products Pritzker
SimpleRelevance Logo


2013 / Acquired by Rise Interactive

SimpleRelevance is the only machine-learning platform that leverages your existing tools and workflow to personalize your digital marketing messages. SimpleRelevance works with financial enterprise, media and retail clients, combining behavioral, demographic and psychographic data with patent-pending technology to create digital marketing messages that are individually personalized down to the time of day the message is sent, the subject line, and product recommendations shown.

Erik Severinghaus ’12

Business Products
SiNode Systems Logo

SiNode Systems


SiNode Systems is a materials venture based out of Northwestern University that is commercializing a novel silicon based anode technology developed by research team led by Professor Harold Kung. SiNode aims to change the status quo of the industry by developing high performance anodes for Li-ion batteries.

Samir Mayekar ’13

Business Products
Snackerie Logo


2015 / Guatemala

Snackerie was conceived with the idea of providing the world with an easy and convenient way of eating fruit and living a healthier life. With that in mind, Snackerie created Tasu 100 percent real fruit chips. The delicious, crunchy, flavor-packed snack takes the guilt out of snacking as it is made with 100 percent fruit and no additives or preservatives.

Lorena Arathoon ’15 (Zell Fellow)

Consumer Products Zell
SparX Technology Logo

SparX Technology


SparX Technology (SparX) will revolutionize current electrical and non-electrical ignition systems by introducing patented, reusable 100 percent composite plastic ignition technology. SparX will stop numerous deaths and injuries that occur each year as a result of outdated and unsafe ignition devices used with such components as fireworks and airbag propellants.

Ty Findley ’15, Kyle Coots ’15, and Eric Haddenhorst ’15

SumZero Logo



SumZero is the world’s largest community of investment professionals working at hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity funds. With more than 11,000 pre-screened professionals collaborating on a fully-transparent platform, SumZero fosters the sharing of many thousands of proprietary investment reports every year and offers several ancillary services in support of that effort. These free services include capital introduction services, buy-side career placement services, media placement, and more. SumZero’s membership base is represented by analysts and PMs at nearly all of the world’s largest and most prominent investment funds.

Divya Narendra ’12

Business Products
Syteful Logo



Location is one of the main reasons retail businesses fail, and picking a retail space is a decision that is most expensive to reverse. National chains leverage on either internal or external teams for data-driven location strategy decisions, but the other 99 percent of retailers and restaurants cannot afford such services, and in many cases depend on gut feelings and on-napkin analyses. Syteful leverages big data analytics to empower businesses with unique data, insights and guidance about retail spaces and the commercial areas around them at an affordable price.

Asaf Segev ’16 (Zell Fellow, Pritzker Group Venture Fellow)

Business Products Zell,Pritzker
The Graide Network Logo

The Graide Network


The Graide Network is an online marketplace that connects teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide thorough, individualized feedback on student assignments. The Graide Network allows teachers to focus on developing innovative lesson plans and interacting with students, while providing hands-on experience to education majors.

Blair Pircon ’16 (Zell Fellow)

Social Impact Zell
TotSquad Logo



Tot Squad (formerly CleanBeeBaby) is an eco-friendly cleaning service for baby car seats and strollers, working in partnership with great companies such as Bugaboo, the Honest Company, Nordstrom and Whole Foods, and giving back to the community through groups like Baby Buggy and Children’s Hospital of LA. Operations as of 2013 include Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and New York City.

Jennifer Beall Saxton ’10

Business Products
Touchtrail Logo



Touchtrail helps game studios and app developers maximize user engagement and customer lifetime value by providing advanced predictive and prescriptive data analytics. Our mission is to help game developers increase the number of players who convert to paying customers, and optimize those who pay already.

Gaurav Shenai ’15 (Zell Fellow, Pritzker Group Venture Fellow)

Business Products Pritzker,Zell
TrueFacet Logo



TrueFacet is the jewelry marketplace where users can shop and sell jewelry and watches with confidence. TrueFacet differentiates itself by offering buyers and sellers a trusted authentication process and best value guarantee.

Tirath Kamdar ’11

Consumer Products
UroProx Logo



UroProx is an innovative proximity sensing system to help surgeons more precisely localize the ureter and other vital structures – and avoid energy – during surgical procedures. Akin to an automobile’s backup sensor, UroProx uses magnetic proximity sensors to indicate when a laparoscopic device is approaching a vital structure during surgery

Michael Jung ’15 (Zell Fellow)

Life Sciences Zell


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