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Kellogg’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship News

Read the latest entrepreneurship, growth and scaling and corporate innovation news from the Kellogg School of Management.

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Hear from Kellogg School faculty, alumni and students as they share insights and experiences launching and scaling startups, and igniting growth and innovation within established companies.

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Kellogg School faculty publish books to empower business leaders

11 Aug 2017

Enrollment rises, curriculum expands for EMBA Program

Enrollment rises, curriculum expands for EMBA Program

16 Dec 2016

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

10 Nov 2016

Tracing the links between basic research and real-world applications

Article by Professor Benjamin Jones discusses how much marketplace innovations are linked to actual scientific research. Because there is a large investment in academic centers, government labs and other facilities, there is an ongoing debate over the value of basic research and the practical application of it.

The Conversation, 10 Aug 2017

Ford's Mustang Has a Problem: The New Mustang

Article discusses the sales slump of Ford automobiles, noting that Mustang buyers tend to wait for the launch of the newest model. “The Holy Grail is to do away with releases completely,” said Professor Mohanbir Sawhney. Companies like Tesla have smoothed sales volatility by constantly updating their products remotely, he said.

Bloomberg, 04 Aug 2017

Why Women Over 50 Make Better Entrepreneurs

Article discusses the five main reasons why middle-aged women are at a time in their lives that’s ready for innovation and entrepreneurship. The article cites research by Professor Benjamin Jones, noting that people are truly becoming more innovative at older ages.

Huffington Post, 01 Aug 2017

Laziness, Technology And Brain Scanning A Billion People: A Conversation With David Krakauer

Article by Professor Robert Wolcott recaps a conversation between Wolcott and David Krakauer, the CEO of the Santa Fe Institute and an evolutionary geneticist. The two covered a wide range of topics, including the changing human experience in this century and ethical issues posed by technology such as privacy.

Forbes, 31 Jul 2017

How the TSA Is Fighting a Tech War With Terrorists

Article by Adjunct Lecturer Dean DeBiase explains how the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made its latest move in the technology war against terrorists by now requiring all electronics larger than a cell phone to be placed in bins for screening in standard security lines and soon implementing new screening devices. “By deploying more technology, TSA is trying to keep ahead of terrorists in their capabilities to turn benign-looking electronics into weapons.”

Fortune, 27 Jul 2017

Board Practices Hurt Banco Popular, Experts Say

Article discusses the bank run that occurred in June leaving Banco Popular Espanol SA close to collapse. The article argues that the problems of the Spanish lender ran deeper than this incident, quoting Professor James Shein. “Almost 100% of time there are bank failures, first there was a governance problem.”

The Wall Street Journal, 24 Jul 2017

Why Hiring a Chief Technology Officer is Tougher Than You Think

Article explains three problems someone hiring a chief technology officer (CTO) must be aware of: “good developers are incredibly difficult to reach, your CTO needs to know how to build a team, and investors will judge you by the quality of your technology team.” Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman is quoted throughout explaining these precautions in further detail.

Huffington Post, 24 Jul 2017

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