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Recent Scholarly Research

Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
DATE Title Author Type
2023 Career Spillovers in Internal Labor Markets, Review of Economic Studies Nicola Bianchi, Giulia Bovini, Jin Li, Matteo Paradisi, Michael Powell article
2023 Artificial Intelligence, the Evolution of the Healthcare Value Chain, and the Future of the Physician David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite working paper
2023 Economics of Strategy 8th Edition David Dranove book
2023 Organizational Economics and the U.S. Healthcare System Michael Powell, Brigham Frandsen, James Rebitzer, David Chan book chapter
2023 Robust Contracts: A Revealed Preference Approach Nemanja Antic, George Georgiadis working paper
2023 Marital Sorting and Inequality: How Educational Categorization Matters Frederik Almar, Benjamin Friedrich, Ana Reynoso, Bastian Schulz, Rune Vejlin working paper
2023 Optimal Technology Design, Journal of Economic Theory Daniel Garrett, George Georgiadis, Alex Smolin, Balazs Szentes article
2022 The Absence of Attrition in a War of Attrition under Complete Information, Games and Economic Behavior George Georgiadis, Youngsoo Kim, H. Dharma Kwon article
2022 Organizing Modular Production Bryony Reich, Niko Matouschek, Michael Powell working paper
2022 Trade Shocks, Firm Hierarchies and Wage Inequality, The Review of Economics and Statistics Benjamin Friedrich article
2022 Disentangling Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Jeroen Swinkels, Hector Chade working paper
2022 Does consumer demand pull scientifically novel drug innovation?, RAND Journal of Economics David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite, Manuel Hermosilla article
2022 Wealth Dynamics in Communities Daniel Barron, yingni guo, Bryony Reich working paper
2022 Flexibility Costs of Debt: Danish Exporters During the Cartoon Crisis, Journal of Financial Economics Benjamin Friedrich, Michal Zator article
2022 Missing Novelty in Drug Development, Review of Financial Studies Joshua Krieger, Danielle Li, Dimitris Papanikolaou article
2022 The Effects of Computer-Assisted Learning on Students' Long-Term Development Nicola Bianchi, Yi Lu, Hong Song working paper
2022 Group Hug: Platform Competition with User-groups, AEJ: Micro Sarit Markovich, Yaron Yehezkel article
2022 Guns and Violence: The Enduring Impacts of Crack Cocaine Markets on Young Black Males, Journal of Public Economics Craig Garthwaite, William Evans, Tim Moore article
2022 A/B Contracts, American Economic Review George Georgiadis, Michael Powell article
2022 Information Processing Costs: Evidence from the Defi Market Sarit Markovich, Danqi Hu, Valerie Zhang working paper