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Figs: Evolving the Route-to-Market Strategy for a Medical Scrubs Brand


Figs, a trendy brand of medical scrubs, united product innovation, consumer engagement, and community building to shift the industry paradigm from traditional, function-first designs to a focus on fashion-forward, comfortable, and high-quality scrubs. Instead of shopping through catalogs or medical supply warehouses, Figs customers can shop at home via the brand's e-commerce site, making it easy and convenient for them to purchase this essential workwear. Powered by its unparalleled connections to its consumers and wealth of consumer data, the brand sells tailored and trendy scrubs in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, revolutionizing the industry known for unflattering, boxy uniforms. With revenue exceeding $500 million in 2023, the brand is poised for significant growth--but at what cost? Consumers have become accustomed to omnichannel shopping--online, in-store (through retailers or owned-and-operated store fronts), social media, second-party online platforms such as Amazon and Google, or in-person via direct sales--and they expect brands to be where they reside. Yet how does a brand used to total control over the design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes expand into different channels where it will have to cede some amount of this control? And where can it safely afford to expand without compromising too much of its profit margin? Students will assume the role of a management consultancy invited to pitch the brand on an omnichannel growth strategy. They will evaluate and prioritize which channel levers will successfully guide Figs to growth without compromising on the benefits that direct sales brought the brand.




Jim Lecinski, Felicia C Sullivan

Date Published



Lecinski, Jim, and Felicia C Sullivan. Figs: Evolving the Route-to-Market Strategy for a Medical Scrubs Brand. Case KE1313.


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