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Old Spice: Repeating Success in the Face of Competitive Threat


In 2009-2010 Procter & Gamble's Old Spice brand had to respond to two important challenges. First, after a successful rebranding of the Glacial Falls scent into Swagger (see Kellogg Case #5-411-752), Old Spice's core brand team had to determine its next step in advertising. The options being considered included continuing to advertise Swagger, switching to advertising a different scent, advertising the umbrella brand, or placing an emphasis on body wash instead of on deodorant. This decision also involved proposing both the messaging and the media buy for the option selected. Second, in conjunction with this issue, the brand team had to decide whether the messaging of its advertising should respond to competitor Unilever's new advertising for Dove for Men, which would be kicked off in an upcoming Super Bowl spot. Students will step into the shoes of Mauricio O'Connell one of the assistant brand managers of Old Spice as he and his team brainstorm how to position the brand for another big success.




Derek D. Rucker, Mauricio O'Connell

Date Published



Rucker, D. Derek, and Mauricio O'Connell. Old Spice: Repeating Success in the Face of Competitive Threat. Case 5-313-508 (KEL786).


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