The Customer-Focused Organization

Leading transformation, renewal and growth

Customers are more empowered than ever before, due to a global marketplace, social networks and the rise of mobile. As a result, the pace of business is changing how businesses are led, develop strategy and build their customer focus. Ultimately, it is those who rise to the challenge and create a robust customer-centric strategy that succeed.

In this program, Kellogg’s world-class faculty and practitioners will show you the approaches to leading with less formal authority, managing ecosystems, developing innovations, gaining a deeper understanding of customer strategy, achieving growth through greater focus, building meaningful brands and creating extraordinary total customer experiences.

This program is offered in a live virtual format. Our live virtual programs are built to deliver a rich experience that’s comparable to our in-person programs. You will have the opportunity to engage with our faculty and your peers in live discussions and lecture sessions. You will come away with the tools to navigate and succeed in the new business landscape.

Information Session

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Who Should Attend

  • General managers and organizational leaders who are responsible for the cultural development and transformation of a customer-focused organization
  • Senior leaders in marketing, sales, strategic planning and operations
  • Customer experience, engagement, and perception management leaders

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Key Benefits

  • Understanding the growing influence of customer focus on organizational success
  • Learning to overcome obstacles to creating a truly customer-focused organizational culture
  • Gaining a deeper and shared understanding of customers
  • Creating innovative value, compelling differentiation and focus in global markets
  • Managing ecosystems to deliver customer value
  • Creating superior customer experiences
  • Leading organizational change to achieve the rewards of customer focus

Program Content

Customer-Focused Culture and Leadership

  • The beliefs and cultural values of truly customer-focused organizations
  • The power of customers to create organizational purpose
  • Leading organizational renewal, fostering innovation and change
  • The role of leadership in inspiring people and unleashing potential

Growth through Customer-Focus

  • Understanding overlooked value in consumer and business markets
  • The challenge of achieving focus in global markets
  • Identifying opportunities for growth and differentiation
  • Developing compelling value propositions that deliver value and differentiation

Building Brands with Meaning

  • Understanding how the customer experience affects the competitive value of a brand
  • Assessing specific strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation
  • Creating brands that are differentiated by authentic meaning

Delivering Value to Customers

  • Creating powerful customer experiences
  • Managing the ecosystem to create value for buyers
  • Aligning the organizational structure and incentives


Gregory Carpenter - Academic Director; James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy; Director of the Center for Market Leadership; Faculty Director, Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative

Julie Hennessy - Clinical Professor of Marketing

Sanjay Khosla - Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Marketing

Eric Leininger - Clinical Professor of Executive Education

Thomas O'Toole - Clinical Professor of Marketing; Executive Director, Program for Data Analytics at Kellogg

Joel K. Shapiro - Clinical Associate Professor and Executive Director for the Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg

Jim Stengel - Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor with the Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative

What Participants Say

“Information, inspiration, the latest management trends, and the tried and tested--that's why I come to the Kellogg Executive Program, and that's what I get every time.”
Marcom Manager, Radiometer

“Very practical and relevant, and a necessary tool for the 21st century marketing manager seeking an exceptional customer-focused experience.”
Regional Manager, Business Banking (North Region), Fidelity Bank PLC

Gregory Carpenter / Academic Director

Personal Consultation

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2022 Sessions

May 23-27, 2022

Start: May 23 at 1:00 PM

End: May 27 at 11:45 AM

Format: In-Person on Evanston campus

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October 17-21, 2022

Start: October 17 at 1:00 PM

End: October 21 at 11:45 AM

Format: In-Person on Evanston campus

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