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Management & Organizations

Management & Organizations

The PhD program in Management and Organizations (“MORS”) integrates psychological, sociological, economic, and complex systems perspectives on the study of organizations and their members. Faculty and students pursue research on the behavior of individuals, groups, organizations and groups of organizations, with the goal of advancing theoretical understanding of these phenomena. The MORS program maintains an active training program for researchers with interests in individual decision making, management and organizations, complex systems, and management broadly defined.

The hallmarks of the program are a first year curriculum that provides a broad theoretical background in the disciplines of psychology and sociology that underlies the behavior of individuals, groups, organizations and their environments; students' active involvement in scholarly research from day one; and the breadth of faculty expertise that fosters innovative and high-impact research.

Active Research Areas: corporate governance, computational social science, culture, decision making, dispute resolution, diversity, ethics, group behavior, inequality, motivation, organizational change, organizational design, negotiations, social movements, social networks, strategic adaptation and change, social responsibility.

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