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Enrich Your Experience

"There's incredible opportunity right now for the next generation of data-driven business leaders. I fully expect Kellogg's data analytics classes will enable me to lead organizations of the future."

— Ankit Jain, Co-President, Kellogg Data & Analytics Club

Develop Connections Beyond the Classroom

Data analytics at Kellogg isn't just a classroom experience. Students participate in events, engage with industry-leading speakers, participate in data competitions and much more.


Engage in upcoming PDAK events around campus. Opportunities include the chance to see and hear from renowned speakers and industry leaders.


Discover the range of careers you can choose from in the data science field, as well as how you can leverage specific areas in our programming to help you carve a path toward your goals.


Explore our variety of courses to gain a better sense of your journey with us. We also offer a unique Data Analytics Pathway for those looking to take a deep-dive into the discipline.

Kellogg Data & Analytics Club

Students interested in PDAK are encouraged to join the Kellogg Data & Analytics Club to ensure they make the kind of lasting connections it takes to leverage classroom theory with fellow data-driven students. You will get the opportunity to share technical and analytical knowledge, lead discussions on industry trends and best practices, and build a supportive network of peers.

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