About The Program on Data Analytics

Data Analytics at Kellogg

75% of Kellogg students take at least one advanced analytics elective.

Leading the Way

Kellogg is the first business school to build a cross-organizational approach to data analytics that is specifically for business leaders.

Long before big data and analytics became buzzwords, Kellogg was equipping business leaders with the knowledge they need to harness the possibilities of data analytics. We believe analytics is a leadership problem, driven by strong managerial judgment. PDAK seeks to provide our students with a robust working knowledge of data science in order to confidently leverage data analytics for effective decision making. Thanks to our partnerships with companies and industry leaders around the world, we are dedicated to providing the most relevant programming to meet market needs.

About Our Program

Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum

Our programming is relentlessly problem-driven while taking a deep dive into the methods and applications of data analytics.

Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership has inspired conversations with leading industry executives about the intersection of business and analytics.

Corporate Engagement

We’ve sown collaborative relationships with influential companies and industry leaders who specialize in the cutting edge of big data and analytics.

Turning Theory into Practice

The influence of big data and analytics is only growing stronger. Companies are finding new ways to leverage data as a source of competitive advantage. We seek to strengthen a manager’s role in understanding how to make analytics integral to the way organizations understand and market to customers, and the way they structure their internal systems and practices.

To meet these demands, PDAK offers MBA courses, Executive Education training and engagement opportunities tailored to students and executives alike.

Our expert
team of
scholars and
leaders to:
Develop a comprehensive skill set in data analytics
Translate, understand and speak the language of data
Foster and lead collaboration between managers and data scientists
Integrate analytics into the DNA of an organization
Leverage analytics to solve cross-organizational problems

Business leaders come to Kellogg to:

  • 1Advance their careers
  • 2Grow their organizations
  • 3Ascend to the C-suite
  • 4Gain a competitive edge

Florian Zettelmeyer

Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing / Faculty Director, Program on Data Analytics at Kellogg / Chair of Marketing Department

Thomas O'Toole

Executive Director, Program for Data Analytics at Kellogg / Clinical Professor of Marketing

Executive Learning in Analytics

Are you a senior leader looking for more insight into data analytics? Our executive education programs can help you maximize your investment in big data.

Leading with Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Gain a working knowledge of data science to spark innovation and enhance marketing.

Group & Custom Solutions

Address unique business needs with tailored faculty lectures, classroom opportunities and case studies.

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